(Editor’s note: This CASL Series episode is sponsored by David Canton of Harrison Pensa LLP).

Are you looking to sort out all the complexities of the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) while optimizing your marketing results?1915.75 + HST

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

tbk Creative launched The CASL Series™ where we break down CASL into understandable subparts for marketers, executives, and CEOs.

In Episode #1, we covered, ‘What is a CEM and what mediums do they apply to?’

In Episode #2, we covered, ‘What can trigger a CEM?’

In Episode #3, we covered, ‘Under what circumstances can I send a CEM?’

In this episode, we cover how to gain express consent.

In the short 4-minute video below, you’ll learn:

  • If verbal communication is applicable for gaining express consent
  • The five (5) required elements that must be on your web form subpages to properly gain consent
  • The two (2) required elements that must be in your consent messages
  • The two (2) different ways for someone to take a positive action to provide express consent

To watch this video:

To turn on captioning, there should be an option in the bottom right of the player. Click here to access the transcript.

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