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Staff Placements

Receive top-tier agency marketing talent for less than an agency rate card
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tbk offers a service where we place our full-time staff at our client’s businesses (digitally or in-person). With this service—what we call Staff Placements—we’ve supported companies with as low as one staff member all the way up to over a dozen staff members. This gives our clients top-tier agency talent at markedly less than normal agency rates.

With tbk’s Staff Placements service, you can have tbk staff working full-time or part-time hours for your company. Essentially, you receive agency talent and performance at markedly less than normal agency rates.


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tbk’s Staff Placements Service Benefits: 

  • No need to spend the time and money hiring
  • If it is a mandate, your staff and payroll stay the same
  • tbk handles regular remittances like CPP, EI, etc.
  • You receive access to top-tier agency talent
  • Pay for top-tier agency talent at less than regular agency rates

Types of positions tbk can help with:

Front End Developers
Back End Developers
Graphic Designers
Content Specialists
Digital Marketers
Project Managers
Production Information Analysts
Product Information Content Analysts

Stages of Staff Placements

  • 0 Book a Call / Discovery
  • 0 We Assess Your Needs
  • 0 Plan / Statement of Work Provided
  • 0 You Approve Placement(s)
  • 0 tbk Fills Positions In 2 to 40 Business Days
  • Your New Placements Provide Ongoing Services

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Thanks to you and your team for making this dream come true!

I wanted to share with you the incredible impact our new portal has had on our operations. First: Parents love it! All the information is in one place and the fact that it is bilingual reflects our true values. It takes parents less than 15 minutes to fill out a registration form comfortably from home. Once they have an account, it is easy for them to add another child. They can also find all the necessary resources in their account such a Parent Guide, Menus, etc. Second: Our operations have also benefited greatly from it. Because parents have to fill out all the required information online in order to register, all the forms we receive are complete. We can also manage different lists based on the data we have in the portal which is very valuable to us. The process is simplified and all needed information is now on one form. Thanks to you and your team for making this dream come true!

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