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Driving New Revenue Despite a Global Pandemic

A tbk Case Study

When COVID-19 hit and the world grinded to a halt, tbk revved into high gear to create an advertising campaign that helped unlock new customers for Jiffy Lube®.

Despite fewer drivers being on the road, tbk proactively rose to the challenge, searching for seeds of opportunity to drive revenue. Our creative campaign positioned Jiffy Lube® as a safer, faster, and more convenient choice, attracting people who previously took their cars to the dealership.

Details of the campaign are below.


increase in estimated cars in bays year-over-year from digital advertising and SEO


increase in net sales (2021 compared to 2020)


increase in digital coupon downloads year-over-year from Facebook and Instagram

About Jiffy Lube®

Jiffy Lube® Ontario is part of Jiffy Lube® International, which has more than 2,200 franchised service centers across North America helping over 30 million customers annually. As a leading automotive preventive maintenance provider, it offers a wide range of services including quick, warranty-approved oil changes and tire rotations.

Traffic Down

During the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer cars were on the road. Many people were working from home. People were not travelling. This was bad for business for a company that specializes in vehicle maintenance.

The virus made people fearful about being close to others, so naturally they were weary of waiting rooms and shuttle services. To address this concern, Jiffy Lube® introduced drive-thru, touchless oil change services. But they needed a way to effectively communicate its benefits to vehicle owners.

A Smooth-Running Advertising Campaign

tbk worked to create an integrated ad campaign to get more cars in bays throughout Jiffy Lube® Ontario.

We crafted the right message on the right mediums to woo new clients away from the dealership and into a Jiffy Lube® location instead. And with that our Skip the Dealership campaign was born.

The Skip the Dealership campaign centered around promoting the convenience, speed, and safety of a quick lube shop over the subpar experience of a car dealership. When people choose to maintain their vehicles at the dealership, they end up waiting for appointments and then waiting for service to be completed. Why waste precious, limited time waiting for the dealership—especially during a global pandemic?

By skipping unnecessary dealership appointments, people can reclaim time, have more peace of mind, and ultimately get more done in a day.

  • Skip waiting for appointments at the dealership
  • Skip the waiting room
  • Skip the shuttle service

Instead of leaning into seriousness at a time when people were already feeling deflated from the pandemic, the campaign intentionally took a light-hearted—even joyful—approach. tbk focused on the positive: the life you can live by simply devoting less time to vehicle maintenance.

tbk’s design team worked to create branded advertisements and videos for Jiffy Lube® with the new Skip the Dealership messaging. These were strategically displayed through several marketing channels (including social media, email, and billboards) to maximize reach and foster feel-good feelings of freedom—and it worked.

Driving More Revenue

The Skip the Dealership advertising campaign is credited with helping Jiffy Lube® boost revenue—even at a time when people were not using their vehicles as often.

tbk creatively leveraged the very reasons why people did not want to go to the dealership to highlight the safety and convenience of Jiffy Lube® locations. As a result, more people downloaded coupons and drove into Jiffy Lube® service bays, achieving the campaign’s goals.

Despite being hit hard by the pandemic, Jiffy Lube® bounced back because tbk innovated—without even being asked—launching an effective campaign that strengthened tbk’s nearly 10-year relationship with Jiffy Lube®. We transformed a significant problem into a real business opportunity with our Skip the Dealership campaign that’s now always on.

Thanks to tbk’s digital advertising and SEO work, Jiffy Lube® serviced approximately 80% more cars in bays year-over-year. Net sales increased by over 10% and oil changes increased by nearly 6%. More people took interest in the brand, downloading 46% more coupons year-over-year on Facebook and Instagram and 18% more digital coupon downloads year-over-year from Google searches.

tbk is a partner that constantly looks for new ways to drive business growth.

tbk managed and tweaked the foundations of our digital advertising to make us successful. Everyone we work with is awesome and very responsive to our needs.

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