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ERP Integration

Our ERP Integrations simplify and streamline your business.
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tbk works with its clients to select and integrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) software platforms into their businesses. Many of our clients benefit from these integrations that allow them to automate hiring, order fulfillment, and lead generation.

Named Top Web Design Provider 6x years in a row in London, ON., tbk can assist with selecting and integrating your ERP solution.


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Top Web Design Provider in London, ON (Consumer Choice Award)


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tbk can integrate your website with your ERP platform. We’ve successfully integrated with perennial platforms and some lesser-known platforms. Our ability to understand complex systems means we’ll be successful.

Services Include:


tbk will begin by understanding your business operations, its goals, and current technology platforms. We then work collaboratively with you to plan the new technical landscape with your ERP at the heart of it.


Whether integrating independently or working with an ERP provider, tbk can support you during the integration of your ERP platform to ensure it functions and brings harmony to your operations.


tbk can provide necessary documentation, training, and consulting support for your staff to ensure that your organization can operate the integrated systems.


tbk provides ongoing support for your team once the project implementation, including your ERP, is operational. As your partner, we can help you identify and address further improvements in the ERP and integrated systems.

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Stages of an ERP Project

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I truly appreciate the dedication and commitment of your team!

Having worked with many technology-focused companies, I truly appreciate the dedication and commitment of your team on this important project for Extendicare.

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