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Interior Design Company Reimagined Online

A tbk Case Study

William Standen Co. is an award-winning kitchen, bath, and whole home renovation company based out of Sarnia, Ontario. The company’s work has been featured in numerous publications such as NKBA Magazine and Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine.

William Standen sought to expand its business by updating its website to more accurately reflect the quality of design that the company was known for. At the time, tbk was running digital advertising campaigns for William Standen with success, but after monitoring the data, it became clear that enhancements to the company’s website could create an even higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for the ad campaigns.

On the previous website, William Standen was also grappling with how best to communicate its fuller service offerings—the company’s initial reputation was built on kitchen and bath renovations but William Standen has the resources and expertise to perform whole home renovations.

Therefore, tbk and William Standen collaborated on giving the award-winning renovation company a new website that would reflect the proper scope and level of craftsmanship they passionately provide their customers.

William Standen Portfolio Listing
William Standen Home Page

The Project

tbk turned its attention to four key areas of focus:

  1. Discovery
  2. Mobile design optimization
  3. Portfolio pages
  4. Product pages


Like most web projects at tbk, the initial phase of the website build was an extensive discovery period with tbk’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Melissa McInerney, and the client.

After this session, a document was created to help guide the look and feel of the website. This document, referred to as a Content Conversation, develops a set of key messages, headlines, taglines and calls to action. To highlight the full spectrum of home renovation services that William Standen Co. offers, tbk created, amongst other headlines, the following statement that was used strategically throughout the website:


All-inclusive design. Awe-inspiring results.
William Standen Mobile Services
William Standen Product Types

Mobile Design Optimization

William Standen’s previous website was not optimized for mobile users which created issues for those who browsed the website on their phones or tablets. tbk’s digital specialists determined that although the digital advertising was effective, mobile users had significantly lower conversion rates. To counter this, tbk approached William Standen’s new website build with a mobile-first mindset. For instance, a marque decision made was the implementation of a custom-designed bottom menu navigation to be displayed on mobile devices, making the experience more elegant and practical for users.

William Standen Mobile Design iPhone 1
William Standen Mobile Design iPhone 2
William Standen Mobile Design iPhone 3
William Standen Mobile Design iPhone 4

High-Fidelity artwork files (.PSD files) were designed for key pages of the new website. By creating custom-designed themes in PhotoShop and Sketch, tbk was able to give William Standen’s website a unique look and feel to better illustrate its capacity for services such as its whole home renovations.

William Standen Artboards
William Standen Artboards

Portfolio Pages

tbk knew that to accurately reflect William Standen’s high-quality renovations in a digital space, extra care would need to be spent on the website’s portfolio pages. tbk created large portfolio pages that used photography and video to punctuate the quality and care that goes into each William Standen renovation project.

One of the most unique elements of these portfolio pages was the way in which we presented “before and after” images. An image slider was designed and implemented that provide users the ability to view the spatial transformation for themselves.

William Standen Before and After Tablet
William Standen Tablet Portfolio Index Page

To accompany the portfolio pages, tbk created Levels of All-Inclusive Design™ to showcase on each case study page. These strata would communicate what kind of project each case study represented. The three tiers created were:

  • Refresh
  • Renew
  • Recreate

These were in turn paired with an indication of budget for the project, as well as a list of services they completed on the project.

Product Pages

To help bolster revenue from the company’s product sales, tbk integrated product data from the William Standen’s Shopify microsite, and developed product pages to beautifully showcase the company’s product line. These pages would then direct the user to the Shopify website where they could make a purchase.

William Standen Product Page 1
William Standen Product Page 2
William Standen Product Page 3
William Standen Product Page 4
William Standen Product Pages Desktop 1
William Standen Product Pages Desktop 2

The result of this project is a bespoke and resolute website for William Standen Co. that doesn’t mince communications that William Standen Co. is uncompromising in its pursuit for producing high-quality renovation solutions for its customer base.

Enjoy the new William Standen Co.

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