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Positioning PSD Citywide for Global Growth

A tbk Case Study

About PSD Citywide

PSD Citywide is Canada’s #1 provider of enterprise asset management consulting and software. The company offers the only holistic solution of software, services, and data, helping clients translate tough public-sector decisions into simple directions to move forward with confidence.

A Desire to Go Global

With offices in London, Toronto, and Victoria, PSD Citywide had successfully expanded in Canada – and was ready to take its leading municipal software and services to the US market – and knew they needed the right partner to guide the way.

Enter tbk. Starting at deeply understanding their business as if it were our own, we researched the markets, competitors, and deeply understood PSD Citywide’s clear innovations to ensure our message was bold and concise: Connect your People, Services and Data finally in one software.

PSD Citywide’s desire for growth was hindered by an outdated brand that was split across two web properties. One website housed a databank of hundreds of knowledge-based articles and operated under the name Public Section Digest. A second website operating under the abbreviation ‘PSD’ was created when the company branched out into consulting. This division confused website visitors and damaged PSD Citywide’s search engine visibility, decreasing leads.

PSD Citywide needed one easy-to-navigate website that showcased both their innovative software and comprehensive consulting services.

Unifying the PSD Citywide Brand

tbk partnered with PSD Citywide to set the stage for its global expansion. We recommended uniting the competing websites and unifying the brand naming. Since the letters ‘PSD’ already had brand recognition, we strategically decided to keep this element of the brand but give the abbreviation more meaning. Instead of standing for Public Section Digest, ‘PSD’ now stands for People, Services, and Data, a nod to what’s at the center of their business.

The branding that tbk created for PSD Citywide intentionally reflects relevant elements of the public sector, showcasing roadways and infrastructure to allude to continuous growth—PSD Citywide’s specialty. Using the same rationale, we connected the PSD Citywide lettering within their fresh logo to hint at the infinity symbol. We (quite literally) rounded out the brand by incorporating half and quarter circle emblems to complement the broader branding.

The new brand identity tbk’s Creative team designed for PSD Citywide better illustrates how its solutions and services connect all the pieces within the complicated world of asset management.

Custom WordPress Website

The goal of PSD Citywide’s website is to increase leads for their growing sales team. Knowing this, tbk worked to deeply understand the challenges that municipal workers face. This research was paired with competitive intelligence to perfect the brand’s core messaging for a custom WordPress website.

Collaboration became a key message—people, services, and data are finally connected. Since mobile communication is commonplace, tbk mapped out a strategic user experience (UX) that is responsive on both desktops and mobile devices. A well-designed UX makes it easy for people to find the information they’re seeking, making site navigation more pleasant while increasing sales conversions.

Like a friendly city, the new PSD Citywide website welcomes visitors and lets them know they’re in the right place. To instantly engage website visitors, tbk’s developers added custom code to create movement throughout the site. Text and images cascade seamlessly into view, making scrolling through the site visually appealing so people spend more time on-site.

PSD Citywide’s WordPress website consists of several custom-built, well-thought-out components and pages.

  • Effective conversion pages to collect leads, customizable by advertising medium
  • Rich service pages that answer almost every question a potential researcher has
  • Strong reputation communication through numbers
  • Powerful content suite for blogs, webinars, whitepapers, and more

The site was mindfully designed for web accessibility (AODA Compliance) to allow everyone to easily access the site content. It also included proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques so the site would perform well on search engines like Google.

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Increase in New Users to the Website


New Page 1 Rankings on Google


Increase in Organic Traffic


Tracked Keywords Improvement in Google

Content and Copy

PSD Citywide’s software was developed out of necessity: it solves a very real, complex problem. But the complexity of their business and industry means not just anyone can properly communicate their marketing messaging or motivate people to take action on their website. This copywriting challenge was no match for tbk’s Creative team though.

tbk did the majority of the copywriting for the new pages of the website, supported by PSD Citywide’s incredible library of educational articles. We uploaded the large collection of content into a user-friendly, blog-style format where people can choose to explore on their own or search by category and/or industry.

Launch Campaign

Once tbk’s Creative team and web developers worked their magic and the PSD Citywide website went live, it was time to get the word out. Consider it the official ribbon cutting of PSD Citywide’s new brand and web presence.

tbk developed a supporting digital launch strategy to spark interest in PSD Citywide from a broad, engaged audience. We consulted with PSD Citywide on their email marketing, social media marketing, and a GotoWebinar integration so PSD Citywide could streamline webinar and other event registration. People were encouraged to subscribe to PSD Citywide’s newsletter, news alerts, and resources for ongoing engagement.

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Paving the Road for Worldwide Expansion

Thanks to tbk’s expertise and hard work, PSD Citywide is ready to own the U.S. market and expand into international projects.

We’re proud to have developed a website that’s not only easy to navigate, but makes visitors feel as if they aren’t alone or stuck using outdated technology.  tbk trained PSD Citywide’s team how to easily make content changes on the website, helping them be better marketers.

Just as PSD Citywide is propelling cities forward, tbk has moved PSD Citywide’s brand to the center stage. We connected the dots—combining two difficult-to-navigate sites into one engaging and completely on-brand site with lots of compelling content. PSD Citywide now has a fully search engine optimized site that tells a clear brand story, opening doors to new markets abroad.

We could not have done it without tbk.

“We could not have done it without tbk. The comments from staff about the new site and brand have been overwhelmingly amazing. It certainly positions us for the next phase of our growth.”