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Web Accessibility

Ensure your website(s) are accessible for people with physical disabilities
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As of January 1, 2021, all large organizations in Ontario (50+ employees) must ensure their websites are accessible for people with physical disabilities. As the makers of AODA Online (over 2,000 users), tbk is Canada’s most experienced web development company in the realm of web accessibility. Reach out to discuss having your website(s) enhanced to be compliant with the WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines (AODA and ADA).

tbk offers web accessibility services to ensure your websites and web applications are accessible and compliant with the legal requirements.


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In 2013, tbk developed AODA Online, an enterprise-level web accessibility software that marketers and developers use to build and maintain websites that are accessible for people with physical disabilities. Since the software’s inception, it’s been used by over 2,000 corporate users.

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Web Accessibility Considerations


Receive a report that details any WCAG 2.0 contraventions found on your website and web application properties.


tbk will work directly with your marketing, IT, and software development teams, working to make your website properties accessible.


Receive training sessions for your staff—elevating your team’s knowledge and
dexterity to build and maintain accessible web properties.

AODA Online Subscription

Subscribe to AODA Online for longer-term compliance reporting and management to assist with maintaining accessible web properties.

Why Hire tbk?

  • Specialists in web accessibility
  • Web builders and consultants
  • In-depth knowledge of the regulations
  • Makers of the most popular web accessibility software in Canada
  • Industry speakers on the topic

Stages of a Web Accessibility Project

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  • 0 Clarify Project Specifications
  • 0 tbk Provides a Plan / Statement of Work
  • 0 Client Approves Project
  • 0 Project Onboarding
  • 0 Initial Audit Performed
  • 0 Remediation Stage (Fixing Contraventions)
  • 0 Second Audit Performed
  • 0 Compliance Achieved!
  • 0 Project Completed
  • Additional Training & Consulting As Requested

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By building accessible websites we can create a digital landscape that provides everyone the ability to consume and contribute content.

The web is capable of positively transforming lives. For those who are differently-abled, the web can be a daunting and uninviting place. Consuming content becomes a chore, and contributing is nearly impossible. But it doesn't have to be this way.

By building accessible websites we can create a digital landscape that provides everyone the ability to consume and contribute content. Increasing access to all content on the web leads to a positive return in society; positive returns we're sure to see in all facets of every day life.

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