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How to Protect Your Business Against WordPress Website Vulnerabilities

April 12, 2023

While WordPress is a powerful and flexible platform, it is not immune to security vulnerabilities from theme builders—even the most popular ones. Thankfully, regular monitoring for site vulnerabilities helps protect sensitive information and prevent potentially damaging cyberattacks.

Why Is Website Security So Important for Businesses?

The importance of website security cannot be underestimated. A hacked website can damage a company’s reputation, finances, and customer trust.

The dangers of website vulnerability are significant. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in your website to steal sensitive data, inject malicious code, or deface your website. They can also use your website as a gateway to attack other websites, spread malware, or carry out phishing attacks.

As a website owner, it’s essential to take measures to protect your website from such risks.

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Reported Vulnerabilities in WordPress Theme Builders

Over the years, several vulnerabilities have been reported in WordPress theme builders such as Elementor, Divi, WPBakery, and Gutenberg.

In our research, we discovered that Elementor, the most popular theme builder, has had many more security vulnerabilities identified.

Reported Vulnerabilities (dating back to 2015):

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Next Steps for WordPress Website Security

Investing in website security measures such as strong passwords, regular updates, backups, and security software is essential for any business to prevent cyberattacks and safeguard their online presence.

If you’re considering using a theme builder plugin for a WordPress website and you’re rightly concerned with security, contact the marketing-technology experts at tbk. Our WordPress Maintenance Packages keep websites safe and secure.

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