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State of WordPress in Ontario (2019)

December 9, 2019

This morning we published the infographic report: The State of WordPress in Ontario (2019).

This report is a derivative of a study that tbk conducted in Q4 2019 on 200 random organizations across Ontario — the results of which first appeared its State of Content Management Systems in Ontario (2019).

The State of WordPress in Ontario (2019) infographic report summarizes how much marketshare WordPress has, as a content management system, has in the province and what that marketshare is amongst private sector (large and SME), public sector and not-for-profit sector organizations.

Here were the findings:

  • Overall – 35.5%
  • Private Sector, Large (over 500 employees) – 20%
  • Private Sector, SME (1-500 employees) – 52%
  • Public Sector – 24%
  • Not-For-Profit – 46%

Here is the infographic report in its entirety.

To view a similar report we published recently, visit The State of E-Commerce in Ontario (2019).