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State of WordPress in Ontario (2019)

In Q4 2019, tbk conducted a random 200-organizational study to determine what percentage of organizations across Ontario use WordPress. Learn how popular WordPress is and how its popularity differs amongst large, small, not-for-profit and public sector groups.

  • We Scanned


    Ontario-Based Organizations

    (50 from each category)

    • Large Private
      (Over 500 employees)

    • Small Private
      (500 or less employees)

    • Not-for-Profit

    • Public Sector

Overall WordPress Usage


WordPress Usage


By Category

Large Private Organizations

  • WordPress Usage: 20%

Small Private Organizations

  • WordPress Usage: 52%

Not-for-Profit Organizations

  • WordPress Usage: 46%

Public Sector Organizations

  • WordPress Usage: 24%

Additional Notes

  • All organizations in the study have at least one office in Ontario.
  • Data compiled between October 3rd, 2019 and October 28th, 2019.
  • In compiling the organizations, auditors made sure no city was represented with more than 20 results.
  • Via the random process, only two (2) of tbk’s clients was found in the results.
  • was used to tabulate results. If no CMS was found, a manual audit occurred.
  • In cases where more than one CMS was found using, we used the CMS that was referenced on the highest number of pages (in these cases, the most popular CMS listed took precedence over an “Unknown” result)