Are you dissatisfied with the number of fans on your company’s page?

If so, this article is for you.

Let’s skyrocket the number. Here’s the three areas you want to look from immediately:

1. Core Communications

Telling people your brand is on isn’t enough. You want to tell them why they would want to join.

If you’re a retailer, you may want to offer exclusive deals to fans (and follow through on this promise).

If your content is going to be focused on improving your community, then tell your audience that joining your page will allow everyone to collaborate on making our community better (see Mike Vader Vloet and Sarah Porier Vander Vloet at Leading London for example).

If you’re an accounting firm, you may want to tell people they will receive weekly tips on tax mitigation, business strategies, and relevant news articles.

In other words, figure out the purpose of your page – why people would want to join (ensure it fits within your strategic marketing plan), and communicate that as a value statement to your audience (methods for communication is #3 below).

A trick to communicating your benefits statement is installing a Welcome page on your Facebook page. A welcome page will act as the default page in which new visitors arrive first. We regularly watch the fan conversion rate (# of visitors who become fans) increase by 100-200% as a result of installing these pages. See the Dream Lottery page for an example of this.

2. Social Media Campaign

If you want to drive a large number of fans around your page in a hurry, then run a campaign.

YoYo’s Yogurt Cafe is giving away a YEARS supply of frozen yogurt through a contest using a tbk Creative built app call Contest King™.

I bet a bowl of yogurt, they’ll break 3,000 fans by end of August.

Siskinds The Law Firm, in celebration of their launch ran a campaign a while back and donated $2 dollars for every “Like” (max. $1,000) to Children’s Hospital Foundation.

They received over 1,000 Likes in 8 days.

3. Methods of Communications

People won’t join you on if you don’t tell them you’re there.

Here’s 9 different methods you can do to promote your community (not all will apply to you, but some will):

1. Social PPC – Run a ad campaign.
2. E-Newsletter – E-mail blast to customers inviting them to join.
3. Print Posters – Create posters for in-store and in-office.
4. Traditional Media – You may want to include your Facebook URL in some of your regular media buys (outdoor, print, etc.), but be careful here – you’re spending good money for this ad so ensure it’s not distracting from other communications goals with the ad campaign.
5. E-mail Signatures – Have staff include the URL in signatures.
6. Verbal – Have staff tell customers when they’re talking to them.
7. Staff – Invite staff to join the page.
8. Customer Handouts – Give a postcard/business card sized handout to each customers (works well in retail and restaurant settings).
9. Website – Include the “Like” plug-in that will have people become fans while on your website without leaving your website. See Dream Lottery website for example.

In summary:

1. People need to not only be told your company is on, but why they would join.
2. If you want a large community and enhanced customer advocacy, run an effective campaign.
3. Ensure you’re communicating your presence across multiple channels.

What you do once you have a large community around your brand is a different story. I will write a blog article on content strategies in the future.

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Andrew Schiestel is the Chief of WOW! Projects at tbk Creative, a web design & social marketing agency that instigates and accelerates consumer action around brands. To contact Andrew about speaking at your upcoming web marketing & communications event, click here. Andrew can be followed on Twitter here.