If you’re a marketer, executive, or CEO of a medium sized company and are deeply committed to mastering the web and growing your revenue, you’ve come to the right place.

At tbk Creative, we’ve launched Digital Marketing Canada™, a podcast program where each episode I interview marketers and CEOs of medium sized companies (typically $5 to $200 million in annual revenue), asking them exactly how they use the web to grow their respective companies.

To kick off Episode No. 1, we have no other than Paul Pinchbeck, the Vice President of Marketing at Blue Mountain Resort.

Blue Mountain Resort consistently ranks as one of Canada’s top 3 ski resorts. The company does approximately $100 Million per year in annual revenue, catering to approximately 2.5 million customers annually. Paul is the perfect person to interview on this topic as he oversees the company’s marketing and communications.

On this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How Blue Mountain Resort setup social media to allow many different staff members from different departments to contribute content
  • The exact digital channels / programs they use
  • What marketing they outsource to agencies and what they currently do in-house
  • Paul’s philosophy around off-line / traditional media
  • How they integrate offline and online media together to make their marketing more effective
  • We discuss different results we’ve both seen when promoting online campaigns through offline and online media
  • More about their current marketing campaign, Winter Warrior, and the steps they went through to develop it
  • Their historical split between offline and online media spend and where Paul sees this trending to in the future
  • How the company will be using content marketing and marketing automation to fulfill on key marketing and business goals in certain service verticals
  • Paul’s approach to keeping up with fast paced changes of the digital marketing and technology world
  • And a lot more!

If you find value in this episode, please share the love and pass it along to your peers. Enjoy!