Are you a business with a clear understanding of how your website can be 
one of your greatest assets? Do you know exactly what the current return on
investment (ROI) is of your company’s website? 


Most websites gain 4-10X more traffic than the company’s retail locations or office place, yet most will never see more than 1% of those visitors become leads.

The +99% of traffic that websites aren’t converting represents hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in missed revenue.

tbk Creative recently hosted a supportive webinar entitled “Cool Tips for Hot Leads: How to Measure and Maximize your Website ROI”, with Guest Expert Andrew Schiestel (5-time international award winning Digital Marketer and tbk Creative’s Chief of WOW!). Andrew broke down exactly how to do the important calculations required to rev up your website’s lead generation and what action steps to take once you understand those performance figures.

This 60-minute high-powered educational webinar will educate and inspire participants to explore and enhance the effectiveness of their web presence.

Below, the live event can be heard in a recap video that includes a unique Q&A session. For those listening to the call for the first time, you will learn:

  1. The difference between a hot and soft lead and why it matters.
  2. What your website return on investment (ROI) currently is.
  3. How to evaluate the value of a hot and soft lead.
  4. How to double or triple the number of leads and sales from most websites.

And more!

Real case studies were used during the call to provide examples that listeners could easily relate to. Some included:

  1. 1. How one of Canada’s top medical centers used content marketing 
  2. to increase their online leads by 857%.
  3. 2. How one small website change climbed an insurance company’s
  4. website to an unprecedented 22.5% lead conversion (1 in 5 people contact the company).
  5. How one of Canada’s largest window manufacturers increased their online leads by over 2900%.

And more!

Watch “Cool Tips for Hot Leads: How to Measure & Maximize Your Website ROI” here:

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