(Editor’s note: Episode 9 is sponsored by David Canton of Harrison Pensa LLP).

Are you a marketer, executive, or CEO of a company and looking to have your company meet the requirements of the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL)?

If so, you’ll find the CASL Series™ may aid you greatly in your pursuit.

In each episode, I take complex scenarios within CASL and simplify them so that your company can better comply with the legislation.

In this short, 6-minute video, you’ll learn:

  • What 4 items CRTC recommends you record for consent in writing (from an October 10, 2012 bulletin)
  • What 2 items CRTC recommends when you get consent verbal (from an October 10, 2012 bulletin)
  • Essential tips to record consent when having implied consent (existing business relationships, being given a business card, someone publishing their email address online)

The video is below. Enjoy. Also, if you find this episode valuable, please share it with peers who you know could benefit from the material too. Thanks for sharing the love.

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