I recently had the honor of creating a marketing webinar with Tony Gareri, the CEO at Roma Moulding.

Roma Moulding is one of the world’s largest picture framing companies (having 4 North American offices and selling products in 8 countries through a dealer network of 6000 independent companies).

If you’ve ever been to Roma Moulding’s head office in Woodbridge, Ontario (near Toronto), you’ll immediately recognize and see something remarkable about the company.

Their team is a large collective group of people focused on providing an incredible, enlivened work and customer experience where everyone operates with passion and from pre-defined values.

One day when talking with Tony, I said to him, “Tony, it seems like you’re creating the Zappos of Canada.” Tony replied, “Andrew, that’s a fair assessment, but do you want to know what I’m really out to create?” I said, “What?”

What he said next, rocked my world, “I want to create the happiest company in Canada and I want to show other company’s how to do the same.”

I have a feeling you’ll hear more about Tony Gareri and Roma Moulding in the future.

Enjoy and get inspired:

On this call,  you’ll learn things like:

– How Roma Moulding turned double digit losses into double digit growth in one year,
– 3 secrets to creating a happy, more successful workplace,
– One sure way to eliminate gossip from the workplace,
– 3 things that no one can ever copy about your company.

These are one of those calls you want your boss to listen to and is meaningful to share.

Andrew Schiestel is the Chief of WOW! at tbk Creative, a national award winning, web design & social media marketing agency based in Toronto & London, Ontario. Andrew is active on Twitter and can be followed here.