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Small Business of the Year 2016

In 2008, tbk Creative didn’t exist yet, but its predecessor was globally spreading kindness with an innovative digital fundraising product called Tagged by Kindness. The concept was simple: pass along a uniquely identified physical “tag,” paired with a good deed, then use an online portal to track the good deed as the tag ventures around the world and makes a positive impact.

A photo of Tagged by Kindness Giftcard

It was a cool concept that globally picked up steam with tens of thousands of tags in circulation. However, there was one challenge: the firm’s largest client had trouble meeting its payments.

This predecessor company built tbk Creative’s foundation and paid forward its raw grit. Perseverance, innovation, and creativity became the recipe for building one of the highest quality – and most respected – web design and digital marketing agencies in Canada. With a skillset in digital and creative marketing, tbk Creative was born.

tbk Creative logo

Today, clients want to share in the DNA of thinking creatively, using money wisely, and stepping outside the norm – ingredients tbk Creative uses to stay relevant and effective in a constantly changing industry.

Keeping these core principles in focus while developing a brand that cares for its community, clients, and staff paid off: at the London Chamber of Commerce 2016 Business Achievement Awards, tbk Creative was awarded “Small Business of the Year”.

A logo of the London Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Award 2016 with 2016 winner status

 “Small Business of the Year 2016”

Perseverance, innovation, and creativity – that’s how tbk Creative helps brands like yours become formidable online.

For assistance with a web design or digital marketing project, please contact Andrew Schiestel, President of tbk Creative, at 888-515-4825. ext. 44 or

tbk Creative Named Finalist for Medium Sized Business of the Year