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How Remote Work Can Propel Marketing Teams

May 6, 2022

For years, where we worked largely dictated where we lived. But work is something we do, not somewhere we go. Many employees proved this to be true over the course of the pandemic, including the remote team at tbk. Learn how our agency’s forever-flexible work model can propel your team, too.

The Problem with Return-to-Work Policies

Many companies are now rolling out return-to-work policies, but this is a misnomer. Most people have very much still been working—even excelling—while working remotely. Return-to-work policies are really return-to-office policies. 

Amidst the Great Resignation, return-to-office policies are not helping with employee retention. More than half (56%) of people working from home said they would look for a new job if they were asked to return to the office. Almost one-quarter (23%) said they would quit on the spot. 

While it’s true some professions necessitate being physically at a certain location for work (e.g., doctors, mechanics, hairdressers, etc.), marketers are knowledge workers. We think for a living. We solve complex frontend and backend technology problems. We strategize and deploy memorable digital advertising campaigns. We create imaginative branding and impactful brand positioning. Do we need to be in a designated corporate office to achieve such things? No. 

tbk has seen that by allowing our highly driven, self-motivated team members to work where and when they choose, they produce better work with less interruptions and distractions. Loud, busy offices can’t produce the same level of excellence as quiet, focused digital workplaces.

Why would we limit our employees by forcing them to come back into the office if they don’t want to? 

“Remote work is baked into tbk’s company culture. I was hired during the pandemic, but I’ll continue to happily work remotely. Our team collaborates meaningfully from a distance.”

Jessica Newman, Senior Brand Copywriter, tbk

Embracing a Flexible Work Model

tbk has perfected the art of both remote and hybrid work. Long before the pandemic, our agency recognized the importance of giving employees freedom and choices. Our talented marketers can work from anywhere—and that’s propelling productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Our adaptable work model gives employees the freedom to:

  • Skip the commute (no rush-hour traffic and less pollution)
  • Choose to live somewhere with a lower cost of living
  • Move closer to family and friends
  • Spend more time with loved ones
  • Spend more time on hobbies and activities
  • Save money on gas and parking
  • Live more comfortably while saving for retirement

“Working remotely allows me to collaborate efficiently, create beautiful projects, and cultivate meaningful partnerships, while giving me time to live my life outside of work. I now know the true meaning of work-life balance.” 

Dana Buxcey, Account Strategist and Operations Manager, tbk

Hybrid Marketing Agency or Fully Remote Work

tbk operates with a remote-first hybrid work model. Everyone is given the equipment to work remotely, and most of us work from the comfort of their home, a co-working space, a coffee shop, or even abroad as part of a working vacation. 

Over 40 tbk employees across Canada seamlessly work together, collaborating across time zones with virtual meetings and asynchronous communication tools. Thanks to remote work, we can hire the absolute best candidates—no matter where they chose to live and work.

We also offer a hybrid work arrangement, which is the best of both worlds. In a study, 83% of workers said a hybrid model would be optimal. Employees are welcome to work out of tbk’s downtown London, Ontario office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays. This welcoming space is used for in-person strategy sessions, brainstorming, client meetings, and team building activities.

Remote work is still—and will always be—a necessity for our dispersed team. It doesn’t make sense to force people into an office when we’re working with colleagues in other geographic locations. Even staff that chooses to work out of our headquarters location find video calls to be a big part of their workday. For this reason, people can choose where—and when—it makes sense for them to work.

“Remote work allows me to visit my family across the world while still being able to support my clients and team. The tbk environment provides us with tools to ensure virtual communication and virtual collaboration is always a success.”

Nish Paryani, Account Associate, tbk

Adaptable Work Schedules with Root Hours

Root hours allow tbk employees to work whenever is best for them, while still allowing our team to regularly collaborate and connect with one another. 

All tbk team members make themselves available between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. EST. We call these “root hours.” The rest of the time, employees are free to choose when they work. Early birds work at first light. Night owls work after the sun has set.

The times in which we work are largely dictated by client meetings, but often vary depending on what life throws our way each day. For example, a 6:00 p.m. client meeting might mean a tbk employee can squeeze in an early-morning run. Childcare, sickness, or even a ridiculously sunny afternoon may influence when our team decides to work. 

Root hours give tbk’s team greater flexibility to make appointments during the day, enjoy the sunshine, and spend time with their children before they go to sleep at night. And we all deliver our best work!

“Working remotely is ideal for me in terms of work-balance. I love getting to share my breaks with my family as well as getting to watch my young children grow every day. Without the hassle and time commitment of a commute, I can be more present in both of my roles, as a developer and most importantly as a part of my family.”

Tim Lemke, Front End Developer, tbk

The Future of Work Is Already Here

tbk chooses to prioritize people, not places. Remote-first hybrid work arrangements empower employees to choose where they live, how they schedule their day, and design their ideal workspace—whether that’s at home, in the office, or some combination. Several clients have been so impressed by tbk’s flexible, creative approach to work that they’ve adopted the practices within their businesses as well. You’re invited to do the same.

Learn how tbk can make your business better.