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tbk’s CoLab: A New Way to Collaborate with Marketing & IT Leaders

May 4, 2022

Introducing tbk’s CoLab: mini mastermind collaboration sessions with like-minded marketing & IT leaders across North America. Led by tbk.

  • One time – No long-term meeting commitments.
  • Short – 1.5 hours in length.
  • Collaborative – Meet other senior marketing and IT leaders across North America.
  • Conversational – Discuss your challenges and hear the advice and experiences of others vs. staying muted with 100 other people.
  • Exclusive – Limited to just four (4) people per session to foster creativity and participation.

How do you know if you’re up to date in your field? What are other companies doing with their marketing and IT challenges? Wouldn’t it be great to pick the brain of other leaders to hear their challenges and how they are solving them in a respected, private space without a long-term commitment ?

We thought that would be great, too. So we created CoLab.

What Is tbk’s CoLab Program?

CoLab is a small group consulting program designed for C-suite executives and business owners who are grappling with a particular marketing or IT challenge.

Limited to four (4) individuals per session, selected CoLab guests are invited to a Google Meet with either tbk’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Melissa McInerney, or VP of Technology for tbk and AODA Online, Andre LeFort. CoLab’s carefully curated cohort ensures guests are not paired with competitors.

tbk’s CoLab program supports businesses with their growth goals by offering free, sound marketing and technology advice. This single session mentoring opportunity is not recorded and everything discussed remains confidential, creating a safe place to openly collaborate.

Do you feel stuck? Uncertain about where to go next with your business? Questioning whether you’re spending your time, money, and energy on the right things?

You’re invited to find clarity through tbk’s CoLab program.

How to Apply to CoLab

If you’re interested in applying for tbk’s CoLab program, determine whether you would benefit most from a marketing consultation or a technology consultation. The program is divided into two streams of learning:

To be eligible for the program, you must be employed with a Canadian company that generates between $1M-$200M; OR be part of an established non-profit organization; OR be part of a funded start-up. Only one (1) person from your business/organization may attend.

Join us for a collaborative meeting of the minds!

CoLab’s Origin Story

When Melissa first began building the agency, there was very little support for entrepreneurs—especially female entrepreneurs. With time, business accelerators and start-up incubators became more popular – and tbk’s leadership team is now regularly invited to speak at these types of events.

Over the past 10+ years, tbk has worked with many clients, and we like to pass our learnings along to others who may benefit from it. It’s our job to stay up to date on marketing and technology data and trends. We wanted a way to share our knowledge with the larger business community. And we didn’t want that to always be done in a webinar format.

Like many of us, tbk’s team attended many a webinar over the course of the pandemic. While webinars can open doors to more attendees by removing geographical barriers, our team felt uninspired by the one-to-many format. We prefer a more interactive format that allows us to offer actionable, personalized small group consulting. People always learn from others in the cohort as well.

So, we asked ourselves: “why not combine the two?” Instead of people being one of dozens (or over 100) people on a webinar, let’s limit our consulting program to just four guests per session. That way, everyone gets a chance to engage with the subject matter and get advice that applies specifically to their business.

Designed in the spirit of kindness, helpfulness, and of course, collaboration, tbk’s CoLab provides the support that entrepreneurs and business owners didn’t always have.

CoLab is much more participatory than a one-way webinar with potentially a few questions at the end. It presents valuable information guests can action right away in a warm, conversational format—and we’re so happy that’s helping as many people as it is.

Feedback from CoLab Guests

In a post-event survey, 100% of tbk’s CoLab attendees said the information and/or connections they made during the session will be helpful for their business. Given the opportunity, 100% of attendees would attend a future CoLab session.

Here’s what we heard from some of the attendees:

  • “tbk’s CoLab is an interesting take on networking while learning. I had the opportunity to meet others in businesses of similar size and situation, allowing for understanding of where we all sit, even before too many introductions were made. I would gladly attend another of these sessions, as I found it to be a refreshing way to refocus my energies within my business.”
  • “I really enjoyed this session! The forum was perfect in size for having quick and thoughtful conversations with other likeminded business owners. Additionally, this session presented very focused information on marketing trends that will be directly applicable to our current business growth strategy. Well done, tbk!”
  • “It was eye-opening to see the fresh data from both a B2C and B2B perspective, and to hear best practices to enhance our current marketing strategy.”
  • “The CoLab concept is an excellent format (four participants + host) to discuss issues and ideas in a non-intimidating forum. I found the session very helpful, especially hearing the issues and success stories of the other participants.”

There’s a reason tbk has a 96% client retention rating, which is beyond rare in the marketing space. It’s because we take the time to get to know the groups that we work with. We want to understand absolutely everything about your business, just as we seek to understand what’s going on in the larger marketing, technology, and business space.

tbk’s CoLab program makes businesses better—and we can make yours better, too.

We encourage you to apply!

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