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Verifying Your Google Search Console Account

May 3, 2021

Google Search Console, formally known as Google Webmaster Tools,  is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your website’s presence in Google Search results. You don’t have to sign up for Search Console for your website to be included in Google’s search results, but doing so can help you understand how Google views your site and optimize its performance in search results.

This tool allows you to:

  •  Submit and resubmit sitemaps to Google
  • Monitor the crawl rate and speed of your website
  • Review how many pages and images were indexed by Google
  • Review 10% of the key terms that triggered your website to show up on Google
  • Gives you the clicks, impressions, click-through-rate and position of the 10% of key terms
  • Allows you to set site preference to either the www. version of your website or the non www. version
  • It also alerts you have any malware or spam issues on your website
  • If you do not have Search Console set up for your website, tbk Creative strongly suggests implementing this free tool as it is important for monitoring the health of your site.

Steps to Take When Verifying Your Search Console Account

You need to have your website verified through search console to ensure that Google knows that you are the owner of the website or that the particular account has permission to view the data from the website. There are four different ways that we can verify your website.

Step 1: Log into the same account that you used to set up your Google Analytics account.

Step 2: Go to, this will prompt you to create a search console account.  When the word ‘property’ is shown, this is referring to your website. Once you have inputted your website, click “add property”.

Step 3: Now you will need to verify that you are the owner of your site. There are four different ways that your account can be verified.

1. Adding an HTML tag to the sites home page. This can be done by your website provider or tbk Creative can complete this for you with FTP access.

2. You can sign in to your domain name provider.

3. You can verify it through your Google Analytics account as long as you have the access to edit, collaborate and read & analyze.

4. You can verify it through your Google Tag Manager account if you have one.

Step 4: Once you choose which way you want to verify it, click “verify”. Once verified, your account will be set up in your search console.

Step 5: You will always be a property owner since you set up the site. You can add users to your property by clicking “users and property owners” in the settings drop-down menu

Step 6: You will see a preview of who currently has access to the property. To add a new user, click the “add a new user” button.

Step 7: You will need to add their email and edit their permission. There are only restricted and full permissions. To view the full list of the permission features, visit:

Step 8: Click “add” , now you have added your user

If you are experiencing any issues or if you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager at tbk Creative. We are happy to help!