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tbk Builds New Tricar Logo

September 21, 2019

London, ON., September 24, 2019 – Last month The Tricar Group, one of London and region’s largest real estate development companies, unveiled their new corporate logo developed by tbk.

For over 30 years, Tricar had a memorable logo that served the company well. From a start in 1986, the company has grown to service a large part of Southwestern Ontario, having produced over 6,000 residential units to date.

“The original logo is well established with strong brand recognition but as our company looks ahead to the future, it was time to modernize our brand identity and adapt to the ever-changing digital applications” Tricar’s Marketing & Media Manager, Jen Grozelle, said. Adam Carapella Tricar’s VP Operations, added “tbk provided great leadership and guided us through the process; we truly value their creative branding and marketing expertise. To take the previous Tricar logo and modernize it while maintaining the strongly recognized brand elements, upholding our commitment to high-quality products was no easy task.”

“The first apartment I ever lived in as an adult was a Tricar building” said tbk’s President, Andrew Schiestel. “To see tbk assist Tricar in modernizing its logo and brand identity is meaningful to me. A congratulations to Tricar on their new logo and I look forward to seeing it throughout our community.”

tbk is in the midst of completing Tricar’s new corporate website. It’s expected to go live in October.

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