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tbk Develops Eckler’s New Website And Brand Identity

May 9, 2019

London, ON, May 9, 2019 – Recently, Eckler – Canada’s largest independent actuarial consulting firm, with approximately 400 staff members – unveiled their new corporate website, logo and brand identity, developed by tbk.

tbk developed Eckler’s new corporate website on WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. Along with giving the company a modern platform to communicate their important resources and service offering, the new website also showcases Eckler’s new brand identity.

“As Canada’s oldest and largest independent actuarial firm, tbk had a big task to rebrand and reposition a firm that has experienced tremendous growth due to its innovative and forward-thinking employees and leaders,” said Melissa McInerney, tbk’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer. “After deep discoveries and research, tbk emphasized Eckler’s brand strengths with a modern and streamlined identity and website – all designed to continue Eckler’s growth trajectory as a trusted market leader.”

Eckler’s new website, logo and brand identity is live and can be viewed at

About Eckler Ltd.

Enter Eckler – Canada’s largest independent actuarial consulting firm. Based in Canada and the Caribbean, we’re a team – a family – of collaborators, professionals, academics, independent thinkers and creatives. We have one job: to support you in assessing your risks and opportunities and provide you with solutions and insights that keep you progressing. After more than 90 years of doing what we do best, we know how to keep you moving forward, unencumbered, so you can be the best at what you do, too. To learn more, visit

About tbk

At 40 team members, founded in 2010, and based in London, ON., tbk is a company that helps other companies successfully compete. They do this through producing some of Canada’s most effective web design, branding, digital marketing and marketing software solutions. For four consecutive years (2016-2019), Consumer Choice Award has named tbk Top Web Design Provider in London. They are also the makers of the web accessibility software, AODA Online, which has serviced over 1,000 corporate users. To learn more visit,

For media inquiries, please contact:

Melissa McInerney
CEO & Chief Creative Officer, tbk
519.657.1465 ex 33
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[email protected]