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tbk’s Molly Fund: A Fund to Contribute to the Veterinarian Bills of Staff & Community

April 23, 2019

London, ON, April 23, 2019 – tbk has announced tbk’s Molly Fund, a staff and community fund where tbk will pay for emergency veterinarian bills for staff members whose dogs and cats require emergency medical procedures. The program will also make funds available to the community for families to apply who are going through financial hardship and have a dog or cat that requires amputation surgery.

The impetus of tbk’s Molly Fund was that tbk’s principals, Melissa McInerney and Andrew Schiestel – about 12 years ago and prior to starting tbk – had one of their dogs Molly, severely fracture her leg in a fall and required amputation surgery. McInerney and Schiestel, both newer in their careers at the time, lacked the funds for this surgery. A family member contributed the necessary funds so that Molly could receive her surgery. Today, Molly is a healthy 13-year old dog who has lived a happy and mobile life. McInerney and Schiestel have never forgotten what it was like to care so much for a pet and not have the financial means to help it when it needed it but for someone who had the means, contribute.

tbk’s Molly Fund has already started to make a difference in the lives of tbk’s staff and the community. A few weeks ago, a staff member at tbk had a dog that required overnight emergency medical care and ongoing medical treatments. tbk’s Molly Fund will pay for 75% of these vet bills, up to $2,000.

tbk’s Molly Fund has also supported a rescued dog currently being fostered at SCAAR, a not-for-profit animal rescue organization in London. The dog, Brewster, was hit by a car and left for dead. SCAAR has fostered the dog and it will require amputation surgery for one of its legs in May. On April 12th, SCAAR held a GoFundMe fundraising campaign to raise $2,000 for the amputation. With initial contributions from the community, tbk donated $1,545 to complete the fundraiser, all within two hours.

“As a not for profit rescue, we rely solely on the donations of our community and the adoption fees of the dogs that come into care. The donation made by tbk was not only extremely generous, it was heart warming to have a business in our community step up to help because they also knew the financial struggle that we were having. We are so thankful to everyone at tbk and their wonderful idea of tbk’s Molly Fund. We look forward to working with this amazing group of people in the future!” Amanda Korpel, Board Member, SCAAR (and Foster Mom to Brewster)

“When someone has a loved pet that needs medical care, the last thing they should be worrying about is money,” said Andrew Schiestel, tbk’s President “We hope tbk’s Molly Fund will make life better for many families and their loved pets.”

For 2019, tbk has pledged $10,000 to tbk’s Molly Fund. The Fund is already available for tbk staff members and the Fund will be available for applications from the community in June.

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