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Members of Parliament Visit tbk

April 8, 2019

London, ON, April 8th, 2019 – On March 25th, M.P. Jennifer O’Connell, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, and M.P. Peter Fragiskatos, London North Centre, visited tbk’s office as part of their post-federal budget tour.

After taking a tour of the office and learning more about tbk’s various web and marketing solutions and learning more about how a company like tbk fits into the economy, leadership met with the Members of Parliament to talk more about policy issues affecting our country and economy. Issues discussed included innovation, women in tech, and closing the skills gap. Also discussed was the new tbk’s Women in Tech Scholarship, a new Scholarship that aims to encourage more women to become software developers.

“It was an honour to host Ms. O’Connell and Mr. Fragiskatos at tbk’s office as part of their post-budget tour,” said Andrew Schiestel, President at tbk. “These tours can help government better understand the different facets of the economy which may aid them in even more effective policy development, so I commend them for taking the time.”

Ms. O’Connell, Mr. Fragiskatos and associated staff also visited Western University and as part of their day’s tour.

About tbk

At 39 team members, founded in 2010, and based in London, ON., tbk is a company that helps other companies successfully compete. They do this through producing some of Canada’s most effective web design, branding, digital marketing and marketing software solutions. For four consecutive years (2016-2019), Consumer Choice Award has named tbk Top Web Design Provider in London. They are also the makers of the web accessibility software, AODA Online, which has serviced over 1,000 corporate users. To learn more visit,

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