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Digital Advertising Puts Music Pro in the Spotlight

A tbk Case Study

A Desire to Take Centre Stage Online

Small local businesses find it nearly impossible to compete with big box stores and internet giants like Amazon. This was the case for Music Pro Ltd. Despite their deep-rooted musical expertise and 10,000+ sq. ft. of inventory, Music Pro’s in-store foot traffic wasn’t as high as it could be. Their shop wasn’t coming up in Google search results, and they wanted more conversions on their e-commerce website.

Music Pro turned to tbk to make the most of their advertising budget. Our agency is successfully increasing conversions by pairing genuine care for this local business with proactive digital strategies.


conversions in the first month of advertising


conversion increase in month two


of website traffic, sessions, and new users came from tbk’s campaign

About Music Pro

Music Pro Ltd. is Barrie, Ontario’s source for music. Since 1972, Music Pro has been serving musicians with the goal of complete customer satisfaction. The store boasts a tremendous selection of electric guitars and basses, acoustic guitars, banjos, ukuleles, violins, drums and percussion, wind instruments, keyboards, recording equipment, cases, accessories, music books, and more. Music Pro sells new instruments and equipment, but also provides rentals, repairs, and audio-visual installations. They pride themselves on their staff’s musical expertise.

Creating Digital Ads that Strike a Chord

After comparing agencies, Music Pro chose tbk to create and execute a recurring digital advertising plan. Music Pro wanted more musicians (and aspiring musicians) to call the store, submit a form on their website, and/or purchase instruments or gear.

To achieve this goal, tbk set up conversion tracking and now maintains always-on Google Search ads and Responsive Retargeting Display Ads for Music Pro. We “crank up the volume” each month by making data-backed refinements and strategic recommendations for improvement.

Encore! Encore! Doing More of What’s Proven to Work

Music Pro sells high-value products with a relatively high price point. This reality reduces the likelihood of someone converting on their first visit. Knowing this, tbk made a strategic recommendation to launch Responsive Retargeting Display Ads, alongside Google Search ads.

Retargeting ads are served to people who visit the Music Pro website but don’t complete a conversion (purchasing an item, making a phone call, etc.). These ads appear on other pages of the internet, following individuals around to keep the Music Pro brand top of mind. They work subliminally, motivating people to convert when they’re ready.

tbk Services Provided

  • Google Ads Search setup and management
  • Responsive Retargeting Display Ads setup and management
  • Data Studio setup and management
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Monthly reports and strategy meetings

More People Saying Hello to Music Pro

tbk’s search campaign has been successful in driving traffic to Music Pro’s website while increasing brand awareness and conversions.

Month One

Within the first month of launching the ads, Music Pro saw 30 conversions, including 20 phone calls, three purchases, and seven contact form submissions. The campaign accounted for one third of all traffic, sessions, and new users to the website. One of the ad groups tbk recommended saw a conversion rate of 5.9% and a cost per conversion of $36.56. These are fantastic results compared to the industry averages of 2.81% and $45.27, respectively.

Month Two

During the second month of the search campaign, conversion rates increased by another 10%. The campaign became more cost-effective thanks to continual strategic optimizations under tbk’s care. Music Pro received an online sale with a sale value of over $700. That’s the difference a fully committed agency can have on business growth.

Month Three & Beyond

tbk is continually reviewing Music Pro’s digital advertising campaign to optimize ad performance and maximize ROI over time. We strategically implement ad schedules and make bid adjustments to align with periods of high user activity.

Our agency remains sincerely committed to bettering Music Pro’s small, local business. We’re the perfect accompaniment for companies like this that don’t have an internal marketing team.

I place my trust in tbk and I feel like our company is in good hands.

I am in awe over the age, gender, and demographic statistics that are drawn from every click. There is still so much I do not know about digital ads, but I place my trust in tbk and I feel like our company is in good hands. Everything they do for us is focused and geared towards what matters.