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The Guiding Light of Smart Building Management

A tbk Case Study

entroCIM has been a world leader in smart building management for 30 years, so when they approached tbk for a brand refresh and website design, we knew it was essential to reflect the innovative development of their product and nod to their longstanding history.


Market Competition Heats Up

As one of the first building management software companies, entroCIM has seen over two dozen competitors shift into the space. To stand out, we needed to understand their competitors.

In an industry saturated with similar messaging, saturated in blues and greens, it would be an advantage to deviate from the norm.

Curating a new logo, we brought in energy and vitality with yellow and balanced it with authority and sophistication in black, creating an innovative brand ready for the future of smart buildings.

Highlighting CIM

entroCIM is where building intelligence convenes, and it was important to embed that message in their brand. Letter by letter, we broke apart CIM and formed Central Intelligence Manager – revealing the brain that already existed behind their product.

With our new mission and tagline of thriving people, businesses and environments, entroCIM finally has the succinct, bold and clear messaging that resonates with their customers and powerfully moves them into new markets.

When Simple Matters Most

We redesigned the website to focus on entroCIM’s data, platform, and leadership as pioneers in smart building management. With intuitive responsive elements, their website matches their bold, sleek brand identity.

Continual innovation goes beyond their product, so check back for V2 as we build out the full entroCIM website.

tbk fully immersed themselves as a committed member of our team.

Partnering with tbk was a delight. From the start of our rebrand project, tbk fully immersed themselves as a committed member of our team. Collaboratively, we established project objectives and aligned expectations. Despite aggressive deadlines, tbk provided exceptional service by clearly defining project scope and maintaining consistent, transparent communication. As a result, the final outcome exceeded our company's expectations, leaving us genuinely thrilled — and excited to release our refreshed brand into the market.

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