Do you have an upcoming online sweepstakes contest being run for Ontario residents and wish for some guidance on how to draft and provide terms that comply with all the various provisions required under Canadian legislation such as the Competition Act and Criminal Code?

Over the years, tbk Creative has run a number of successful contests and have consulted with lawyers that specialize in business and advertising laws. We are going to provide you the most up to date document that we actually use to officiate sweepstakes that comply with Ontario and federal law.

Important Disclaimer: These terms are written for sweepstakes contests provided for Ontario residents and are provided as education and not to be taken as legal advice. To be certain about your contest, please contact a lawyer. If you wish for a referral to a lawyer we’ve used, reach outand we’ll be happy to make the referral.

The downloadable user terms for your online sweepstakes contain:

1. Short Rules

2. Long Rules

3. Declaration form for contest winner(s)

To download your document, fill out your information in the form provided on this page and an email will be sent to you with instructions to access the template document.