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tbk Incubates Go Fog It™

April 27, 2020

London, ON., April 27, 2020 – Earlier this month tbk built the brand, logo, website and helped launch Go Fog It™.

Using a range of safe and natural disinfectants listed on the Canadian government’s approved list of disinfectants against COVID-19, Go Fog It™ disinfects workplaces and homes.

As governments around the world have put sanctions on organizations and social events to curb the spread of COVID-19, Go Fog It™ launched to create safer environments for all.

Diana House, a co-founder of Go Fog It™ said this, “When COVID-19 hit and many businesses slowed or ground to a halt, something in my gut said ‘I can’t just sit around. I need to do my part and help.’ Despite all the issues that COVID-19 has caused, I’m grateful that we can put positive energy into making the world better during and after this. Working with the extraordinary branding, web, and marketing team at tbk has been an absolute treat. The quality of their services and speed of delivery has been extraordinary and has helped Go Fog It get to market faster.”

Melissa McInerney, CEO at tbk, and a co-founder at Go Fog It™ said this, “There is an immeasurable and vital need that workplaces and homes around the world are disinfected and safe. Go Fog It will do its part in making dwellings safe and helping businesses get back and stay back to work.”

Since launch, the company has been hard at work disinfecting workspaces in the London region and has received over 35 franchise requests.

About tbk 

At over 40 staff members, founded in 2010, and based in London, ON., tbk is a company that helps other companies successfully compete. They do this through producing some of Canada’s most effective web design, branding, digital marketing and marketing software solutions. For five consecutive years (2016-2020), tbk has been named Top Web Design Provider in London by Consumer Choice Award. tbk is also the maker of the web accessibility software, AODA Online, which has serviced over 1,000 corporate users. To learn more visit,

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CEO & Chief Creative Officer, tbk
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