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tbk Releases New Report: State of E-Commerce in Ontario (2019)

November 25, 2019

London, ON., November 25, 2019 – This quarter tbk conducted a 100-company audit to determine what corporations in the Province of Ontario are using as their e-commerce platforms to power their online stores.

The study is summarized in this infographic report titled The State of E-Commerce in Ontario (2019).

As an aggregate, the top five e-commerce platforms found were:

  • Shopify – 25%
  • Magento – 12%
  • Salesforce Command Cloud – 9%
  • WooCommerce – 7%
  • Hybris – 5%

“In Ontario Shopify clearly showed the most market share having ranked number one amongst SMEs and number two amongst large companies,” said Andrew Schiestel, President, tbk. “Part of the height of this influence may be that Shopify is Ontario-based with its head office in Ottawa, however, there is no doubt that Shopify continues to be used by more and more corporations.”

Schiestel went on to say, “A reminder to all that when choosing your e-commerce platform, the right platform depends on a multitude of factors including the number of SKUs, objective variables with each product, your desire for UI/UX customizations, systems integrations and more. Choosing your e-commerce platform isn’t a light task but it’s tbk’s hope that this report illuminates some of the more popular ones being used by companies in Ontario.”

Here is the full report. including how e-commerce platforms vary in popularity between large companies (i.e., over 500 employees) and SME companies (i.e., 1-499 employees).

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