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Dhaval Parmar

This is my first week as an intern and let me just say I can’t wait to see what the rest of the winter has in store. But before I get into all that, let me rewind and formally introduce myself! I am Dhaval Parmar, a rising student at Fanshawe College studying Public Relations – Corporate Communications and I am an Associate Marketing Intern for the winter semester. I will be posting monthly to update you guys on what I am learning and how my experience is going at tbk.


I’ll jump back straight to my first day! It was a snowy morning on January 9th. I was up and was ready for my first day at tbk. I opened the office door and was warmly welcomed by Amanda Tadgell.

“You must be Dhaval!”

“Yes! I have been hired by Kylie as an Associate Intern.”

“Welcome to tbk!! Please make yourself comfortable and Kylie McConnell will be there with you in a minute.”

I was nervous! But as soon as I met Kylie, my nervousness went away. She gave me an office tour and then we had a brief chat about what tbk does and how I will be helping tbk as an Associate Intern.

Around 9:15 we had a new team member introduction session in the board room. Kylie introduced me and Arien to the tbk family. After that Kylie introduced me to different kinds of tools and technologies that we use at tbk on daily basis.

Later that day, I got to meet Trevor and Molly our office dogs! They are the cutest little pups I have ever met.

Trevor, one of tbk's yorkipoos, sitting on a blue pillow
Molly, one of tbk's yorkipoos, lying in a grey bed

An interesting thing happened this January! We had judges coming over from London Chamber of Commerce. I got to know that tbk is one of the finalists for “Business of the Year Award – Medium Company Category.” I was thrilled to hear that. I knew that I was at the right place. My career is going to be sharpened with the best of the best! Judges came and they had an office tour. Andrew Schiestel, the President of the company introduced me to the judges. He told them that I am an intern and it’s just my second day.

“Dhaval, can you please tell the judges why you selected tbk for your field placement and why did you choose Fanshawe College?”

I introduced myself to the judges and gave a brief about my journey to Fanshawe College and why I chose tbk.

I was only my first month and I got involved with so many projects. I was assigned to work on one of the biggest projects on that tbk is working on.

THE JIFFY LUBE PROJECT!! This got me super excited.

Joshua Waller, Intermediate Digital Specialist at tbk explained me how to use Google Business Management and I had to post the “$5 off Coupon.”

A Jiffy Lube coupon
$5 off Coupon

Week two started off with a project which was assigned to me by Melissa McInerney, CEO of tbk. I was tasked with finding quotes for printing lottery tickets for a client. I had to call different vendors and I had to give them the specifications which were provided to me by Melissa.

After that I had to do some citation building for one of our clients. A citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings. Local businesses can actively manage many citations to ensure data accuracy.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have some new friends now. George and I found this new sandwich place called Gourmet Deli. We told other co-workers about this place and decide to walk as a group to go get lunch. I am absolutely loving this new sandwich place. You should try visiting this place as well!

I remember, I was my sixth day at tbk and it started off with a company-wide retrospective where all the employees met in the boardroom and talked about where we we’re doing well as a team, and where we could be doing better. I was startled by someone’s presence that day! It was Noah (Amanda’s dog). He literally jumped on me and started licking me. He is the friendliest dog ever.

Later that day, I had a major task to finish!

Deadline – 5:00 PM

The clock was ticking!!

I was assigned a mammoth task by Emily Punnett, Digital Specialist at tbk. I had to upload all of the Google advertisements for the London Abused Women’s Centre’s digital advertising campaign. I was given a quick refresher by Joshua and I picked things up real quick because I took the same course in college. So, in a nut shell I had to upload 120 advertisements before 5 pm. I finished it by 4:30 and only took a 45-minute lunch break. It felt good.

Creating a Search Ad on the Google Ads platform
LAWC Search Ads

My third week at tbk started off with a task that was assigned to me by Cole Bonvarlez, an Account Manager at tbk, for Hino Motors Canada. I had to make some alterations to the Model Groups on their website. Cole was very kind and helpful! I could not have completed this job without his help.

I was also introduced to IAC Content Loading for tbk’s work with LAWC (London Abused Women’s Center). Emily trained me on this. Oh wait – I should tell you what the IAC Awards are first!

The IAC (Internet Advertising Competition) Awards provide an opportunity to highlight your best online advertising campaign in 96 industries and 9 online formats including online ads, videos, mobile, newsletters, email and social media.

tbk displays all of the work that they have done for their clients on their website in order to participate in the IAC Awards.

Emily quickly gave me the gist of everything and then explained me how to upload all the content on WordPress. I definitely needed that refresher lesson.

The WordPress backend
Back-end site for LAWC IAC Submission on WordPress

After that, Kylie briefed me on a task related to Jiffy Lube. I had to develop a page for one of the Jiffy Lube locations. This Jiffy Lube location in particular supports the community through a charity event for Easter Seals Ontario called “Snowarama.” I had to do some content writing for that page and then I had to make the page. Once confirmed by the client, the page will be published on their website. Now this was an achievement for me in itself!

When I was going to add a feature image, we ran into a problem. The crop tool on WordPress was not showing up. I quickly logged a ticket with the development team so they could investigate.

George joked about it and tossed out a new name for me.

“Website Detective!!”

He is hilarious!!

An article on the Jiffy Lube website
Content Writing for Jiffy Lube

It’s week four and I have officially finished one month here at tbk! Time flies so fast! This means that I only have three more months left here – I am sad now. But I’m going to make the best out of these remaining three months!

My Wednesday morning started off with writing “Thank You Letters” for all of the candidates who interviewed for open positions at tbk.

After that, I attended a training session conducted by Amanda that was called “Ad Approval Training”. Following this, I was assigned a task by one of tbk’s Account Managers. I had to reach out to different vendors for one of our clients.

The day ended with a fun photo shoot conducted by Erin where she took pictures of me, Arien, George, Matt and Cameron – THE NEW HIRES!

Somehow, we managed to take a decent picture after about a thousand attempts.

The four new tbk hires

I was briefed by Erin on a task, which I absolutely loved doing. I was supposed to make a poster for a tbk social event. The event is called “Quarterly Cook Off.” It is a competition, where the contestants each prepare dishes for judging either by a select group of judges or by the general public. Erin first trained me on Photoshop and then I started working on it. I spent the rest of the day working on Photoshop. The draft looks something like this:

A poster for the tbk cook off featuring Dhaval and Cameron
Quarterly Cook Off Poster


It’s Wednesday! New day, new week and new month. Today I had to help Josh and Emily with some work on Jiffy Lube Ontario’s Google My Business accounts. I uploaded a new Valentine’s Day celebratory coupon onto the Google My Business pages for all stores.

A Jiffy Luve Google MyBusiness coupon
Valentine’s Day celebratory coupon

The tbk team is growing rapidly, and the leadership team of tbk decided to move the accounts team to their own wing of the office so they could be closer and collaborate more together as a team. George and I started the whole moving process, and we had a pizza party for lunch!

Later that afternoon, Kylie assigned a task to me that was related to Jiffy Lube Ontario. I had to write some content for one of their promotional offers.

The rest of February was a very busy month for me. This month, I learned a lot of new things here at tbk. I learned Photoshop, Google My Business, market research, content writing, creative brief writing and more!

The Jiffy Lube website is a great example of some work that I did this month. I was tasked with writing new content that was optimized for SEO. I was thoroughly trained by Kylie and Joshua for this task.

I also had to write some content for a promotional offer that Jiffy Lube was going to launch in March. Here is a snippet from their website showing the content that I wrote:

A Jiffy Lube coupon on the Jiffy Lube website
Content Writing for Jiffy Lube

Another exciting thing that happened this month is that I got to meet two new team members – Suzy Kendrick and Candice Collins. Actually, there is one more new team member that I forgot to mention – Kaja! Suzy’s 11-year-old dog.

Another task of mine early in the month was to compile a research report for Jiffy Lube that outlined how competitors have been promoting different services. I also had to research how other competitors were utilizing different offers and coupons. This involved researching what their service landing pages looked like. It took a huge chunk of my day!

After that, I was assigned a design task by Melissa for one of our client’s websites. This task involved using the Adobe After Effects software. It was a fun task and I got to learn a lot with Melissa while doing it.

Kaja, a Pomeranian, sleeping in a white bed
Dhaval and George sitting on a black couch with 2 dogs
Trevor, Grorge, Kaja and Dhaval

Later in the month, I got a chance to write my first official press release. It was about welcoming the six new team members that tbk had hired.

I’m proud to be a part of this team!

A LinkedIn post from Andrew welcoming new tbk hires
Andrew's LinkedIn post for welcoming the new hires

As time has passed, I have grown closer to the team members here at tbk. My ping-pong skills have also definitely improved. I even had a match with Andrew Schiestel, the President of tbk! It was a fun game.

Dhaval and Andrew playing ping pong


I’m now in my third month at tbk. Waking up and coming to the office every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday has become a part of my routine. I have learned a lot from working here over the past three months!

My work in March started off with a promotional advertisement that I had to create for Jiffy Lube. This advertisement was uploaded to the Google My Business Pages for all Jiffy Lube Ontario locations.

A Jiffy Lube advertisement
March Promotional Advertisement

Another task of mine early in the month was to compile a research report for Jiffy Lube that outlined how competitors have been promoting different services. I also had to research how other competitors were utilizing different offers and coupons. This involved researching what their service landing pages looked like. It took a huge chunk of my day!

After that, I was assigned a design task by Melissa for one of our client’s websites. This task involved using the Adobe After Effects software. It was a fun task and I got to learn a lot with Melissa while doing it.

I was also given a chance to attend a client meeting where Melissa and some of the accounts team presented designs for a website that tbk team had developed. The client loved the website designs! We were open to their suggestions and planned to make the design changes accordingly.

A design for the Eckler website
Eckler Web page Design

Another task of mine was to hang a magnetic board in the accounts wing! The accounts wing is going to have a new board where they can discuss projects as a team. The problem is, that magnetic board was extremely heavy! George and I started the task of hanging it on the wall, but the whole accounts team ended up helping us.

Here is a picture from that day – a team that works together, grows together!

The Dream Team

Later in the month, I had the chance to write a blog on Eco-Friendly Printing for a client’s website. It was a whole new experience. I had to research a lot before writing that blog. I finally finished writing it and I am waiting for the client’s approval.

March has been a very special month for tbk. We launched our new logo on March 18th at the Business Achievements Awards. The next day when I went to the office, the new logo was up everywhere.

The logo on the sign outside of our office building has also been changed. I simply love this logo.

tbk's office building, with a sign displaying their new logo
A picture of tbk's office building, displaying their new logo.
The new tbk logo
New Logo

March ended with a monthly company-wide event. It is called Drop It and Drink. At this event, the team gets together, has some beverages and unwinds.

Each bottle of beer or glass of wine is a toonie. All proceeds generated from the events will be collected throughout the year and then used to buy goods for the London Food Bank. This event gives us a chance to all get together and celebrate our success while also doing something good for society.

Here’s a video from that evening:


I have less than a week left of my internship. My time here is about to end. It’s been one amazing journey and it has been a great learning experience. My design and writing skills improved noticeably. I am now competent in various platforms like Slack, Time Harvest, Dropbox, WordPress, Photoshop, Google My Business, Google Analytics, and InDesign. It was an incredible learning experience that I will cherish forever.

I’m excited to continue building on the skills and knowledge I’ve developed during my time at tbk.