You have problems. I have problems.

Many of our grandparents (and some, their parents) had a problem too.

Their problem was that they were entering battlefields to protect our families and our nation and not knowing if they would come out alive.

But they did it anyway, all of whom in Canada, did it voluntarily.

As I grow older each year, I see the world differently.

This morning while driving to a client meeting on Remembrance Day, I got struck with a deep level of gratitude and relatedness like I’ve never experienced before.

You see, those who fought in World War I and II weren’t born soldiers.

They were just normal men.

Men who had parents who cherished them, wives and girlfriends who loved them, and new born children who needed them.

No, these weren’t born soldiers.

These were just normal men, as young as 18 years old. They had dreams like you and I and just naturally yearned to provide safety and happiness to those they cared for, like you and I.

These were just normal men who made the abnormal decision to risk or lay down their lives to protect their families and our nation.

They made this decision so that you and I wouldn’t have a decision to make.

Remembering their actions is respectful, convenient, and expected.

Beginning to see our problems as not problems, elevating our lives to a whole new level, and making the difference we know deep down we were born to make, is what’s inconvenient and unexpected.

What’s inconvenient and unexpected is normally what matters.

For the sake of those who laid down their lives so we would have one, why don’t we live our life this way?

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