Has your business or personal online venture ever become the tragic victim of website failure?

If you’re one of the lucky ones that has triumphed over the standard tribulations of website creation, can you positively claim that you’re not at risk of succumbing in the future?

Having a website can bring your brand to life online and create newfound economic opportunities in this digital consumer economy.

Having a website project go off the rails can be the direct opposite of advancing your strategic objectives. A failed website project can put your company behind for months, reduce annual revenue, slow up product launches and cost you a small fortune.

Recently, tbk Creative’s Andrew Schiestel hosted a 60-minute insightful and inspiring webinar (Part 1 of 2) alongside his talented colleagues: Creative Director Melissa McInerney (The Queen of Creation) and Software Engineer Andre Lefort (The King of Making). They explored and discussed in vivid detail why website projects fail and how to prevent becoming a statistical slip-up.

It’s not too late to listen and learn via the YouTube formatted recap of this call included at the bottom of this page, and pass it on to friends, family and favored business connections.

By reviewing this recap, you will learn:

  • The key questions to ask and steps to take with a website vendor to ensure you receive all the modules you need up front and within scope.
  • How the industry model for quoting and developing websites is broken and a better way to approach website projects with communication tips for the vendor and client
  • How to empower yourself to compare website proposals, write better RFPs and make the right choice for your company
  • Understand the creative design process in advance and know what you’re going to get before you start so you’re not left disappointed
  • What will be covered in Part 2 of this presentation, that you can register for here now!

Watch Part 1 of “Why Website Projects Fail: 15 Factors That Will Cost or Earn You Thousands of Dollars” below!

MelissaAbout Melissa:
Melissa McInerney is a 5-time international award winning Creative Director, a Sr. Partner and a Principal at tbk Creative. She is considered by many as one of Canada’s best Creative Directors for web.

AndreAbout Andre:
Andre Lefort is a software engineer with 15 years professional programming experience and Head of Technology at tbk Creative. Previous to tbk Creative, Andre was a Sr. Programmer at 3M Canada and now heads up tbk Creative’s technology department as the King of Making.