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Going "High-Speed" With the Website of a 96 Year Old Brand

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Founded in 1924, Quadro Communications is a Co-operative telecommunications organization that provides high-speed internet, cellular services, home phone, digital TV services, business services and Computer & I.T. solutions to several rural-based counties in Southwestern Ontario.

The organization had an outdated website that didn’t give them the modern UI/UX that consumers have come to expect with B2C and B2B suppliers, and the company was limited with the content management system of the predecessor website.

With four retail locations, outside plant, network operations and a corporate office that serves a very broad region in the province, the website is crucial to connect with as many prospective and current customers, who frequent it for new purchases, support requests, etc.

Quadro turned to tbk to have their new corporate website built.


The goals of the website were:

  • Present a freshened and modern brand and feel to their marketplace
  • Better site architecture for smoother and intuitive use
  • Create clear demarcation for the services (e.g., wireless, internet, etc.) and its business units (i.e., Business vs. Residential)

I) Modern UI/UX

The new Quadro corporate website wasn’t built from a pre-designed theme, but instead, tbk built out three custom design files which we call high-fidelity artwork files. In this case we used Photoshop to produce these files and then our development team spliced them using CSS/HTML and integrated them into WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system.

By building out custom designed files vs. working from a theme that already pre-existed, we were able to build the UI/UX for Quadro from scratch and give their end buyers the exact experience they were yearning.

Below is a screenshot of the old website:

Screenshot of the old Quadro website
Above is a screenshot of the old Quadro website.

You can compare the old website, above, to the new website tbk built below:

II) Better Site Architecture

The old website demarcated their main services well, however, the content only went one level deep. E.g., when someone would click Mobility, they’d get information on Mobility with no further child pages.

On the new website, Quadro and tbk focused on building additional pages which would be good for both its users and major search engines like Google. We then took two distinctive approaches in organizing the site architecture: First, we built out a mega menu that made it easy for users to find a category and learn more about a desired service.

A screenshot of one of the monster menus on
A screenshot of one of the mega menus on the new website.

Second, we repeated where necessary, and put all the hyperlinks for the website in the site’s footer. This action essentially created a sitemap in the footer of each subpage throughout the website; an excellent practice to assist users and search engine crawlers from conversion, web accessibility (i.e., supporting people with physical disabilities) and Search Engine Optimization perspectives.

III) Demarcating Services & Business Units

With a multi-service and business unit organization like Quadro, it’s important that thoughtful consideration was had to how we laid out the UI/UX for users to access the various services specific.

In the image below you can see how—with the blue highlights—we laid out both the services and two business units (i.e., Residential and Business).

A screenshot of the Business services listed in the navigation of
The screenshot above depicts how the various service and business units were laid out on the website.

We further leveraged the functionality of the mega menu navigation for all these important menu navigation items.

For instance, in the screenshot below, using the Business sector as an example, you can see how all the various service-categories and respective services are listed tidily in this one view. This means, essentially, that a corporate purchaser can get to the exact service they wish by staying above the fold and hovering over any of the clearly labelled links of their choosing.

A screenshot of the business mega-menu on
The screenshot, above, shows an example of the mega menu on the website.

Conclusion & Results

This website was a splendid boon for Quadro, a 96-year-old organization, that is vitally committed to serving the wireless needs of so many homes and business throughout the region.

“As a company with over 90 years of stellar and reliable telecommunications services to homes across Southwestern Ontario, Quadro continues to evolve its own communications to better communicate and serve the needs of our marketplace. tbk is an excellent partner to Quadro and aided immensely in the development of this new website.” said Gordon Diver, Marketing, Quadro Communications

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