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Achieving Recruitment Success

ParaMed Inc. is a home healthcare services company that was established in 1974. Their services include personal care, homemaking, therapy and nursing services. They employ over 10,000 people and have over 75,000 customers.

Across North America, there is a widely aging population, which has created a situation where there’s not enough supply of Personal Support Workers (PSWs) to support the marketplace demand for personal care. To imbalance this supply/demand equation further, more elderly are desiring to live in their homes longer in life versus moving into a retirement home.

As a company that’s nationally accredited with “Exemplary Standing” by Accreditation Canada and are deeply committed to creating a great work environment for their over 10,000 employees that service over 75,000 customers, ParaMed Inc. turned to tbk Creative to build out a new website and online campaign to meet their recruitment targets for PSW.

What We Did

For the ParaMed website, we knew we wanted each element to speak to the compassion, care and quality of ParaMed’s valued staff. During the project, we identified some key areas of focus:


Brand Messaging: tbk Creative developed a document called “A Content Conversation” featuring over 25 headlines, taglines and key brand-oriented message statements that would shape the new brand presence for ParaMed both online and off.


UI/UX Overhaul: The previous website was lacking an intuitive user experience in order to drive adequate results to key conversion areas on the site. We took this into consideration when site mapping and wire framing a new architecture for the new website.


Look & Feel: It was important for the new website to foster feelings of support, trust and compassion, so we used photography of actual staff members across the website to allow users to more authentically connect with the brand.

In this hero image, we used imagery of actual staff at ParaMed Inc.


CMS Functionality Permissions: With offices across the country, every office required their own section of the new corporate WordPress website. Local offices are able to communicate on behalf of their region, while corporate personnel can post and manage job postings across the county.


Careers Page: A Careers page was created on the ParaMed website to highlight the perks and benefits of working for the organization. The job postings are pulled in from a third party platform that manages the received applications.

The Possibility for Recruitment Success

With a professional, modern, and brand-oriented corporate WordPress website, we knew that there was now an opportunity to build and execute the digital advertising campaign as dollars spent would drive traffic to a website that was designed to help the brand achieve key human resources acquisition goals.

A Recruitment Campaign

Here’s what we decided on:

  • We ran digital ads using the following ad products: AdWords Display, AdWords Search, Facebook & Instagram.
  • The ads mimic the look and feel of the new ParaMed WordPress website.
  • We implemented bold and creative messaging across the campaigns, creating consistency with the brand messaging we created on the website.

Key Campaign Optimizations:


  • Increased bids that were below the first page
  • Ran a search query report and added any appropriate negative keywords
  • Competitive research
  • Reviewed average positions of keywords and ads
  • Reviewed Click Through Rate (CTR) for keywords and ads
  • Monitored the budget
  • Added new keywords from the search query report
  • Monitored structured snippet extensions
  • Monitored review extensions
  • Adjusted mobile bid adjustments

Facebook / Instagram:

  • Monitored the budget
  • Monitored CTR
  • Adjusted targeting settings
  • A/B tested ad copy
  • Monitored quality of traffic


  • Monitored the budget
  • Removed irrelevant placements
  • Removed mobile app placements
  • Enabled AdWords Remarketing
  • Researched and implemented AdWords In-Market targeting
  • Monitored In-Market placements

The AdWords Display campaign showed the ads to people who had previously visited the ParaMed Inc. website, as they browsed third-party websites across the web, keeping the brand top of mind for these potential applicants. This is especially important in this re-targeting environment as many of these users may be in the market for a new job.

Display Ad for ParaMed Recruitment Campaign
A sample animated display ad for ParaMed's PSW recruitment campaign.
Facebook Ad for ParaMed Recruitment Campaign
A sample Facebook ad for ParaMed's PSW recruitment campaign.
Instagram Ad for ParaMed Recruitment Campaign
A sample Instagram ad for ParaMed's PSW recruitment campaign.

The Results

The Results (September 2017 – November 2017)

For the three months that the ParaMed career campaign ran, we successfully generated a total of 302 job applicants as well as a total of 474 soft conversions. (a soft conversion is either social shares or “Apply Now” clicks). More specifically:

  • Search Ads – Drove a total of 189 applicant conversions and 275 soft conversions.
  • Display Ads – Drove a total of 20 applicant conversions and 47 soft conversions.
  • Facebook Ads – Drove a total of 49 applicant conversions and 70 soft conversions.
  • Instagram Ads – Drove a total of 44 applicant conversions and 82 soft conversions.

What We Learned

  • Amanda Tagdell, tbk Creative

    I've learned over the years that if a brand hasn't invested in Digital Marketing previously, it's often prudent to first run a pilot campaign to see if and where an ROI can be obtained. For our client, ParaMed, recruitment is very important as their staff is a critical part of their business. With a pilot campaign, we were able to test if and which digital marketing products would show enough results to actually include it in their overall recruitment plan in future years. Not only were we able to bring them over 300 recruitment leads, we can now provide cost forecasts as to how much it would cost them to achieve their future recruitment targets in 2018. Information like this is gold to any organization who wants to maximize their results for money spent.

  • Joshua Waller, tbk Creative

    Working on the ParaMed account has reinforced the importance of research and collaboration. The in-depth keyword research combined with a well planned strategy was imperative to executing this successful advertising campaign. Within the three month campaign, we were able to supersede industry averages on conversion rate, cost per acquisition and click through rate.

  • Mike Ramsey, tbk Creative

    Jumping into the careers campaign, we needed to show great results for a relatively brief run. We had the opportunity to learn to work quickly to build and launch a campaign that immediately showed positive performance. We worked prudently as a team to put together a campaign structure and once launched, ensured we monitored its performance closely. With this attention to detail, we saw excellent statistics soon after the launch, and closed out the campaign having proved out the efficacy of digital paid media for the client in this area of the business.