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A Well-Wrought Website for a Well-Run Software Company

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Group buying is a concept in free marketplaces where a number of co-operative locations or an association gathers their member’s resources to better negotiate more expansive and economical options for wholesale products to purchase.

One of the marquee providers in this space is LBMX. Founded in 2001, employing around 50 people, LBMX has built and provides a propriety software linking group-buying organizations to applicable wholesalers. Groups such as HomeHardware® (125+ locations), TimMart (40+ locations) and associations such as NAFED (National Association of Equipment Dealers) and Supply America all use the LBMX software.

LBMX has a lot of client-activity in North America, United States, U.K., Australia and New Zealand, so to a large extent needed to ensure that their website was paragon in capturing the essence of their service offerings and brand identity in the marketplace.

In 2019, LBMX hired tbk to develop a new state-of-the-art corporate website.

Custom UI/UX Files

The website’s design was built using the software Sketch, which in our opinion has become the #1 software for developing artwork files for high-end websites.

The home page brought together multiple important elements:

  • Key messaging
  • Clear call to actions (CTAs)
  • Adding a client portfolio list, hence, increasing third-party credibility
  • Client benefit statements
  • Additional information regarding their software

Below you can see a video of a sample UI/UX file we built developed, this one of LBMX’s homepage:

A video showing the new LBMX homepage.
A video showing the new LBMX homepage.

Core Messaging & Storytelling

tbk worked ardently with LBMX to layout the subpages in a way that was easy for the reader to consume content and fostered a nimble balance between copywriting and SEO.

For instance, on the Why LBMX page, and most of the product pages, a number of subtle facets were created to construct effective pages:

I) Stylistic Use of Heading Structure

Above the fold, you can see how we lead with the H2 to ground the user in a message and create better context:

Screenshot of impactful heading copy on the LBMX website.
Screenshot of impactful heading copy on the LBMX website.

II) Value Propositions

As a user scrolls down the pages, they cross a series of value propositional cells strategically laid out to be best consumed by users and major search engines like Google.

This trifecta—for every value proposition—includes:

  • An image;
  • Headline; and,
  • Text body

And in addition to this, with every cell, there is a call to action button.

See below as an example:

Screenshot from the LBMX website with value propositional cells highlighted.
A sample value propositional cell on the LBMX website.

III) Including Video

For more engaging effect, a video was embedded. This aspect increases engagement but also adds credibility to LBMX for users that may be on the website for the first time.

Screenshot showing a video embedded in the LBMX website.
Screenshot showing a video embedded in the LBMX website.

IV) Third Party Credibility

Many websites past the main page lack elements of third-party credibility. We believe that subpages on professional services and SAAS companies should continue to add key elements to their various subpages, especially elements of third-party credibility. Viz, on websites it’s important to “always be selling.”

You’ll see near the bottom of the Why LBMX page, a scrolling sample of clients that the firm serves:

Screenshot showing logos of some of the companies LBMX works with.
Screenshot showing logos of some of the companies LBMX works with.

V) Call to Action (CTA)

And at the bottom of the page, on point, we included a call to action area that prominently uses colour contrast to accentuate the CTA.

A screenshot of a call to action on the LBMX website.
A screenshot of a call to action cell on the LBMX website.

Bringing it Together

Below is an animated video that provides a top-down scrolling experience of the Why LBMX subpage.

A video showing the Why LBMX website landing page.

A similar format to the above was rolled out amongst the Products pages.

Implementing Search Engine Optimization

Because LBMX is a SAAS company that serves customers in several countries, the website ranking well on major search engines like SEO is all the more while important.

Arduously and with diligence, tbk implemented an 88-point checklist on the new website that included:

Screenshot of the SEO checklist tbk implemented.
From the website’s launch on September 19 to December 30, 2019, Organic Search traffic increased 30.1% (year over year).


This new corporate website demonstrates high-fidelity artwork files strewn with strategic UI/UX decisions that help LBMX generate more international leads and better service the important client base they already have.

Contact tbk if you wish to Book a Call to discuss your project.