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Established in 1981, GenCare is a provider of generator maintenance, service, sales, fuels and electrical upgrades to all sectors. The company services the Southwestern Ontario catchment area. When there is power outages, their generators keep essential services going at major facilities like hospitals, manufacturing and government essential service providers. Gencare engaged tbk to build the company a professional logo, brand identity and corporate WordPress website.


Building the Brand

Via a logo design project that provided for multiple but circumscribed concepts and revisions to a selected concept, tbk went to work building out a new corporate logo for the company.

Given that Gencare is in the power and generator business, we wanted to create a mark that was inescapable, much akin to noticing light enter a room that is dark. We also wanted to establish a distinctive mark that could be contained with the logo, or standalone for the client in other corporate collateral.

Here are some initial concepts we provided:

The company settled on the concept that had a darker hue of red that was accompanied by the universally brazen mark for electricity: the thunder bolt.

With this new concept in hand, below are two final variants of it that were up for consideration:

The company ended up settling on this final logo:



Since 2017, tbk has been offering with success an additional service called Brandimations™. Using .gif technology, we take a static logo and make it animated.

Brandimations are useful for a company because it brings more life to their website; and the file can be used on other platforms such as email, social marketing, in a sales deck and more.

As part of the website project, we took their new logo and turned it into a Brandimation™:

New Corporate Website

The new corporate website would be built on WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system, using high-fidelity artwork files.

There are several elements that made this website state-of-the-art for an SME:

  • High-fidelity-artwork files
  • Mobile-first approach
  • Robust SEO
  • Intuitive UI/UX

High-Fidelity Artwork Files

Since 2010, tbk has been building websites based on its own high-fidelity artwork files. This is when, instead of working from pre-design themes, we build it from Photoshop (and more often these days, Sketch) custom artwork files, then splice the files using HTML/CSS onto a CMS.

This approach gives us full wield of the UI/UX, allowing us to create design files that best match what the client requires, versus working from themes that are already built.

Below is one of the high-fidelity artwork files, in this case built for their home page:

Mobile-first Approach

Mobile wasn’t an afterthought on this website but was situated at the foreground. We prepared responsive design files for tablet and mobile using the Bootstrap framework.

Below is an example of the homepage on a mobile device:

Robust SEO

Best practices for SEO were adhered to during the website development. A breakthrough was creating for the first time in the company’s history a total of 10 service and sectoral pages (e.g., pages for Commercial, Healthcare & Long-term Care, etc.). These pages ooze with content that support the company in ranking better overtime on major search engines like Google while also assisting in generating more leads.

Below is an example of a service page:

As an example of how the website performs on Google, when users search “generator services london ontario” not only does Gencare rank #2 but their Google My Business page shows up too, the latter a rare feat for non-branded keyterms:

Screenshot of Gencare's Google Ranking when users search “generator services in London Ontario”.
The screenshot above demonstrates Gencare's performance in Organic Search.

Intuitive UI/UX

Call to Actions

Like most businesses, generating new customers is important but in this business, what may be more important is providing maintenance services to current customers when they are in need. In the top right of any page that a user is on on the website, it not only makes it clear through a branded Call to Action how to contact the company for a quote, but make it just as clear how to have the a current unit serviced.

A screenshot of the GenCare website showing a Call to Action to contact the company.
A screenshot of the GenCare website showing a Call to Action to contact the company.

The Brand’s Tapestry

Throughout the website, elements of the brand is woven. For instance, in this section on the home page, you can see the iconographic marks in the map of Ontario on the right and the CTA on the left. In both cases, elements of Gencare’s brand is used: the lightning bolts in the former, and the standout red rectangle in the latter.

A screenshot from showing brand elements being used throughout the website.

Creative Call to Actions

On each service page, we applied an appropriate level of CTAs and were creative in their approach to communicating to the user. For instance, the image below is a CTA cell near the bottom of the page that infuses creatively the message Power Out, We’re In. This cell further offers CTAs for both service and new customers.

Screenshot of a section of Gencare's website depicting call to action buttons.


For a 30+ year old company that had an outdated website and logo, this new brand identity and corporate website serves as a transformation. The website now proudly sits as one of the sector’s best, has strong SEO results and is apt at generating sales leads.

Contact tbk if you wish to Book a Call to discuss a project.