On Monday, March 26, tbk Creative and our client, Siskinds LLP, were recognized with a national digital marketing award through the Internet Advertising Awards (Web Marketing Association) for our social media campaign, Take Your Body Back.

The award was for best social media campaign in the legal field in 2011.

The background: 

In 2010, Siskinds LLP commenced a national class action lawsuit against a pharmaceutical manufacturer for two birth control contraceptives. We took a bold leap into the unknown and used Facebook as the vehicle to allow women across the country to speak out about their experiences and to keep them informed on the legal proceeding.

It paid off with national media exposure, a vibrant Facebook community who cares about resolution in this matter, and a substantial client list for the legal proceeding.

Executing a social media marketing campaign of this nature inside of a historically traditional type of industry is not easy.

I asked Laurie Hause, the Director of Technology & Marketing at Siskinds if she had any guidance for any brands looking to embark on this type of marketing campaign in the future. Here is what she emphasized:

“Buy in at the corporate level is just as important as everyone says. While only a small number of lawyers and staff were directly involved with this campaign, all stakeholders needed to be aware of the campaign, it’s goals and objectives which means planned internal communications to create shared value. After all, it’s your people that you’re asking to support you when faced with questions about the campaign – you want them to champion your efforts with your external audience.”

I further chatted with tbk Creative’s Melissa McInerney, who was the Creative Director on the campaign. I asked her if she had anything she could share for agencies or brands:

“Now a days, if you want to build an agency or brand that gets noticed you need to forge new territories. Andrew calls it being unborified. It can be scary to do because there’s added risk. These types of projects work best when you can take calculated risk and ensure all the parties are on board with the mission and are passionate about seeing its follow through.”

Both Siskinds and our entire team worked hard and were passionate about seeing this campaign be successful for everyone – especially the Take Your Body Back community.

Thank you IAC Awards for recognizing this effort.

Here is an infograph we created illustrating the campaign.


Andrew Schiestel is the Chief of WOW! Projects at tbk Creative, a national award winning, London Ontario based web design & social media marketing agency. The company exists to instigate and accelerate consumer action around brands, digitally.

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