In October and November, thousands of Canadians took to Twitter to discuss the Occupy movement across Canada.

I remember that when Occupy London tents were being taken down by Police and City Staff at 1 o’clock in the morning, Twitter was a spot that delivered next to the minute updates (by both citizens and journalists).

tbk Creative decided to aggregate 1,000,000+ tweets across Canada to determine what cities had the greatest Occupy presence digitally.

Here’s the data (share it freely):

Occupy Chart

Some footnotes:

  • Disclaimer – This data looks solely at the term “Occupy” so may not properly record times when occupy isn’t referencing the Occupy Movement.
  • The data is relative – It’s not about what cities were tweeting the terms the most (Toronto and Vancouver would be natural winners based size), but instead, cited what cities held the greatest percentage of Occupy tweets vs. total city tweets.
  • Only English tweets were aggregated (this didn’t affect Quebec City and Laval because of #2 above).
  • The term London (not #LdnOnt) was used in this instance. My algorithm for determining London England vs. London Ontario tweets is 49% (read why at Twitter Did Not Bless London Ontario).
  • The term Quebec City is the other tricky city. When someone mentions Quebec on Twitter are they referring to the City or the Province? In reviewing 100 “Quebec” tweets, 21% of them referenced the city. This number was used to represent the data.
  • Is anyone surprised by their own City data?

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