tbk Creative aggregated over 1 million tweets across Canada’s largest 15 cities to determine what Canadian cities appear to be the happiest on Twitter.

We want to thank the Toronto Star, CBC Nova Scotia, and any other news media groups who ran these results.

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InfoGraph Happiest Toronto Star
Some footnotes:

  1. Disclaimer – This data looks at the terms “happy, joy, glad, pleasant” and does not look at context (ie. used in a sarcastic way).
  2. The data is relative – It’s not about what cities were tweeting the terms the most (Toronto and Vancouver would be natural winners based size), but instead, cited what cities held the greatest percentage of happy-related tweets vs. total city tweets.
  3. Only English tweets from Canadian users were aggregated.
  4. The term London (not #LdnOnt) was used in this instance. My algorithm for determining London England vs. London Ontario tweets is 49% (read why at Twitter Did Not Bless London Ontario).

A big congratulations to Halifax for topping the list!

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