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Make 2022 Better

In the spirit of kindness and to inspire you for the new year, tbk gave away 50 free copies of “The Happiness Advantage: How a Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life.”
Recommended by Melissa McInerney and many other high-performing leaders around the world, The Happiness Advantage has helped transform how tbk operates and how our CEO approaches life. We'd shared it with our valued clients and friends for a happier and successful 2022.
Congrats to the first 50 people who filled out our form. Have a great 2022!

Our agency operates under two guiding principles:

Work Hard.

If you’ve seen our work, you know tbk delivers nothing short of excellence. We work exceptionally hard to ensure our clients receive only the very best.

Be Kind.

We give back to our community, reward our employees, and are kind to our valued clients, as well as business owners and fellow marketing professionals.

Happiness Hacks: How tbk Refilled Our Collective Cup

Embracing a Hybrid Work Model

tbk has perfected the art of remote and hybrid work. We’ve seen that by allowing our highly driven, self-motivated team members to work from anywhere, they produce high-caliber deliverables with less interruptions and distractions. tbkers can choose to work from the comfort of their home or visit our downtown London office for in-person collaboration and learning—even after this pandemic is finally behind us.

Introducing Root Hours

Root hours allow tbk employees to work whenever is best for them, which can vary depending on what life throws our way. We all make ourselves available between the hours of 10:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. EST. But we’re free to choose when we work the rest of our hours. Early birds work at first light. Night owls work after the sun has set. People have greater flexibility to make appointments, enjoy the sunshine, and spend time with their children before they go to sleep. And we all deliver our best work!

Paid Fridays Off in the Summer

How do we say thank you to the best team in Canada? By giving them paid Fridays off throughout July and August. Time is the one thing we can’t make more of, so it’s one of the most meaningful gifts you can give employees—or yourself. We’ve found the long weekends boost productivity. The four-day work weeks throughout the summer months are incredible motivators, encouraging tbk’s team to do more in less time without compromising our high standards.

LOTS of Professional Development

tbk is a personal and professional development company disguised as a creative agency. We intentionally hire forever curious people who want to self-actualize and become the best versions of themselves. We’ve approved financial support and time off for dozens of courses and professional development programs this year. We continue to level up our people through self-guided learning and by empowering employees to direct the future of their careers.

Connecting as People

tbk’s leadership takes an active interest in employees, working to understand people beyond their role at our company. Once we know what makes someone tick, we’re happy to introduce ways to share their passions with others, such as game nights, group yoga practices, and musical performances on company calls. It makes for great team building, allowing staff to genuinely connect as fellow human beings.
Several clients have been so impressed by our flexible, creative approach to work that they’ve adopted these innovative, proactive practices into their own business. We invite you to do the same!