This morning, I was honored to co-lead a digital marketing event with tbk Creative’s Shockley Au for the London Chamber of Commerce, entitled Digital Discoveries: Strategies to End 2013 With Online Business Success.

(As an aside, a special thanks to the London Chamber of Commerce for hosting the event, Hucklberry Film Studios for being onsite to film the event (very talented group), and David Canton’s (lawyer at Harrison Pensa LLP) expertise in providing legal support for the Privacy Law section of the presentation.)

The premise of the talk was this: Marketing used to be much easier than it is now. Marketing used to be about a handful of traditional media channels, a good product, some good print material, a good sales team / customer service, and away we went.

Everything was routinely manageable.

For the most part, marketing is still about a good product, good customer service, etc., however consumers and corporate purchasing are using many newer forms of technology and digital media pervasively, which has fragmented the landscape for our brands to connect.

Here are some of the things you may have pondered recently:

  • What type of CRM should sales use,
  • What type of ERP is the right fit, easy to learn, and affordable for my company,
  • What CMS (content management system) should a website have,
  • Figuring out emerging social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+
  • Staying relevant on older websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
  • The role and affordability of video,
  • How to rank better on Google organic search (SEO),
  • How to use newer forms of digital advertising such as Retargeting (ie. Google Remarketing),
  • Introducing content marketing such as e-guides, webinars, and blogging into your marketing tool kit,
  • The role mobile and tablets will play in your marketing now and in the near future.

The goal of the event for Shockley and I was to provide brands a high level overview of the current state of digital marketing, some best practices, and to offer possible actions the audience members could perform when they get back to their offices.

Overall, people seemed happy and they left inspired. Shelagh Morrison from Junior Achievement told me afterwards, “I had a lot of pieces of the puzzle, and you helped me put them together.”

At the bottom of this article, I’ve uploaded the PowerPoint presentation for your viewing pleasure.

Over the next 12 weeks or so, tbk Creative will publish educational blog articles from the key tenets of the presentation and share them with you. Some of these areas will include:

  • Improving website success
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Making websites AODA compliant
  • Website Development tips
  • Social media tips

The above can look like a looming, overwhelming task, but it doesn’t need to be. We’ll produce these article one at a time and do our best to inform you better on these areas of digital marketing and what immediate things you can apply to your business.