(Editor’s note: This CASL Series episode is sponsored by David Canton of Harrison Pensa LLP).

Are you a marketer, executive or CEO who’s committed to fully understanding CASL and having your company operate efficiently within the rules?

If so, read on. tbk Creative recently launched The CASL Series™ which is a series of videos where I analyze very specific CASL scenarios effecting all of us marketers and provide tips to overcome those scenarios.

In Episode #1, we covered, “What is a CEM and what mediums do they apply to?”

In today’s episode #2, we cover what can trigger a commercial electronic message (CEM).

Below you’ll find the 4:09 minute video. In the episode, you’ll learn:

  • How your signature in an email can trigger a CEM
  • If a link to your website in your email can trigger a CEM
  • How other hyperlinks in your electronic messages can trigger a CEM
  • And more.

I hope you find helpful. Please email any questions or comments to andrew@tbkcreative.com

Here is the transcript for this video.

You may also download the free e-guide: 33 Point Checklist to Help Marketers & CEOs Comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL).

Stay tuned for next week’s CASL Series episode where we’ll cover: “Under what circumstances can I send out a CEM?”



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