tbk Creative recently aggregated over 1,000,000 tweets with the goal of learning where the practice of vulgarity happens most in Canada on Twitter.

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Behold, the data:


Some footnotes on this data:
1) Relativity – We didn’t look at what cities were tweeting the most (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, etc. likely win based on volume), but rather, referenced what cities held the greatest percentage of vulgar-related tweets vs. total city tweets. This gave us a percentage.

2) Date Range & Size –1,089,949 tweets were aggregated over a 30 day range from Oct. 7 to Nov. 5, 2011.

3) Aggregated Data – The tweets we aggregated that included the vulgar term must have been combined with the city’s name. This means, not every tweet came from the City or its citizens, but instead were simply tweets that mentioned the city name and the vulgar word. Draw your own conclusions.

4) Sample Group – The sample group we used consisted of Canada’s largest 15 cities in terms of population.

5) Types of Tweets – Only English tweets from Canadian users were aggregated. Regarding Quebec-based cities (Laval, Montreal, Quebec City), we used the English tweets coming from those cities and still maintained overall relativity (as per #1 above).

6) London Ontario – The term London (not #LdnOnt) was used in this exercise. Our algorithm for determining London England vs. London Ontario tweets is 49% (read why at Twitter Did Not Bless London Ontario).

7) Quebec City – Quebec City is the other tricky city to monitor because when someone uses the term “Quebec”, it’s difficult to distinguish if the user is referring the Province or the City. In a random sampling we took of 100 tweets by Canadian users that contained the term Quebec, 21% of those tweets referenced Quebec City specifically. Hence, 21% was used to gather the data above.

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