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Browser Support Policy June 2019

Last Update: June 5, 2019

The following applies as a core set of browser support guidelines for our web site products. These guidelines can be altered for specific project needs as the team and client sees fit. Any alterations will increase, or decrease, the scope and time of a project.

tbk will endeavour to support modern, popular browsers back dated to a maximum of 2 years from the date the project begins, with certain exceptions as listed below.

As a general guideline, tbk provides physical testing in the browsers and versions listed below. However, not all tests are performed on physical devices. Those devices, which we test virtually (via a simulator) are noted below where applicable.

Based on the document’s last edited date, the following browsers and versions are supported as core browsers for all tbk’s website products. These browsers account for 90% of the browser market share, both desktop and mobile statistics combined.

View the global browser usage statistics for May 2019.

Laptop and Desktop Browsers

BrowserOldest Supported VersionLatest Version
Google Chrome59 (2017)75 (2019)
Apple Safari*12 (2018)12 (2018)
Microsoft Internet Explorer11 (2013)11 (2013)
Microsoft Edge40 (2017)44 (2018)
Mozilla Firefox54 (2017)67 (2019)


*Due to Safari’s improvements in Version 12 over versions prior, the ease of updating, and the ubiquity of adoption of this version, we have opted to only officially support Safari 12.

Mobile Browsers

BrowserOldest Supported VersionLatest Version
Android Chrome59 (2017)75 (2019)
iOS Safari12 (2019)12 (2019)
iOS Chrome59 (2017)75 (2019)


Any mobile device that meets the requirements listed above (Browser and OS versions) will be supported by tbk’s Browser Support Policy. We cannot provide an exhaustive list of devices, especially in the Android market, as there are far too many devices. Compatibility for these devices is tested via physical hardware tests and virtual testing via tbk endeavours to ensure that popular devices are capable of displaying our digital properties, and we would like to remind you of the varied landscape and ever changing technologies that are the nature of our work.