When it comes to social media planning, most don’t like to do it.

Either because they don’t know how to, or because they don’t like to.

I can’t help with the latter, but I hope this post supports the former.

In launching tbk Creative’s Facebook page last week, I decided to share with our community how tbk Creative goes about building social media marketing strategies with clients.

It’s all summed up in the 22-pg. e-book, The 10 Essential Components of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you’ve ever wondered what a more comprehensive social media marketing strategy architecture looks like, here it is:

  1. Strategic Objectives
  2. Outline your brand’s approach to social media, your goals, and how they are consistent with your overall Marketing & Communications Plan.
  3. Success Targets
  4. Outline quantifiable targets with social media. This gives you and stakeholders a way to measure if what you’re doing is working.
  5. Platform Selection
  6. Outline the digital platforms you will use to fulfill on goals and targets. In this section, also choose the community names (ie. what’s your Facebook page going to be called) and accompanying URLs.
  7. Platform Setup
  8. Setup the various social media channels (ie. Facebook Page, blogging suite, Twitter account, etc.)
  9. Community Marketing
  10. Outline all the marketing tactics you will deploy to build a large and targeted community on the social channels.
  11. Content Strategy
  12. Outline a list of content topics that all editorial content must be consistent with. This list should be consistent with the overall communication goals of your brand.
  13. Content Governance
  14. Outline best practices for posting on the various social channels, who is involved in the execution of the strategy, and what software and other tools will help the Community Manager facilitate content moderation.
  15. Managing Negative Posts
  16. Outline a policy for identifying the difference between normal posts, customer complaints, and inappropriate posts and what actions you take for each type of post.
  17. Analytics & Reporting
  18. Setup various web analytics tools for reporting. Know how to measure if your social media marketing program is working.
  19. Optimization
  20. Outline a process for reviewing & optimizing your efforts for long-term growth.

You can download the entire 22-pg. e-book for free here. Please let me know your thoughts if you do.

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Andrew Schiestel is a Sr. Partner and Chief of WOW! Projects at tbk Creative, a London Ontario based web design & social marketing agency that instigates and accelerates consumer action around brands. To contact Andrew about speaking at your upcoming web marketing & communications event, click here. Andrew can be followed on Twitter here.