Why Website Projects Fail: 15 Factors That Will Cost or Earn You Thousands of Dollars – Part 2

Thursday, September 12th, 1:00-2:30pm ET

Did you tune in for Part 1 of this insightful webinar series, and now you’re eager to know more about preventing or recovering from website failure?

Having a website can bring your brand to life online and create newfound economic opportunities in this digital consumer economy.

Having a website project go off the rails can be the direct opposite of advancing your strategic objectives. A failed website project can put your company behind for months, reduce annual revenue, slow up product launches and cost you a small fortune.

This 90-minute revealing webinar (Part 2 of 2) again welcomes international award winning Creative Director Melissa McInerney and Software Engineer Andre Lefort, as they share the final factors that will cost or earn you thousands in online revenue.

On the call, listeners will learn:

  • How to fine-tune and clarify all the details involved in the contract you sign with a vendor (warranties, follow-up maintenance, etc.)
  • The key questions to arm yourself with that will help you choose the best website vendor for your project
  • About choosing the right content management system to best suit your needs
  • How to ensure you’re set up to have your site be your greatest asset for lead acquisition
  • The importance of insisting on compatibility across mobile, tablets and multiple browsers
  • About how to decipher the differences between poor and quality design

And more!

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