Where Flooring Meets Web: How to Grow the Traffic and Sales of Your Flooring Company Through Digital Marketing in 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 1:00 – 2:30pm ET

Are you a General Manager, business owner, or marketer of a Canadian flooring company (dealer / retail)? Are you looking to learn how to use the web to systematically grow your company’s website traffic, leads, and sales in 2015?

If so, please join us for a very important industry webinar, entitled:

Where Flooring Meets Web: How to Grow the Traffic and Sales of Your Flooring Company Through Digital Marketing

This call is being led by the President at tbk Creative, Andrew Schiestel, as tbk Creative has a successful track record in systematically growing home renovation companies in Canada (see below for case study details).

On this call, we’ll cover the core components of any good digital marketing plan, which includes:

  • Websites – We will explain what makes a good lead generating home renovation website. You will learn the core essentials to turn more of your website traffic into qualified leads.
  • On-Site SEO – Learn how to check your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) health. We will explain, in simplified terms, various SEO items like heading selection (H1-H6 tags), URL structure, titles, keyword analysis, and more.
  • Google+ Local Pages – We will cover what Google+ pages are, and how they affect your SEO and traffic. Additionally, grab actionable tips on how you can improve your page’s rankings in Google.
  • Google Adwords – Gain quick-tips to run effective, ROI-measured Google Adwords campaigns. If your current campaigns aren’t generating you at least $10,000 in new product sales for every $1,000 (10X spend), then there may be something wrong.
  • Online Campaigns – What an online campaign is, case studies of home renovation companies in Canada successfully using them, and how you can implement one in your business to generate, in some markets, over 1,000 new homeowner leads in 2015.
  • Email Marketing – How to systemize and maximize the revenue you gain through email marketing.


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