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An Iconic Brand Becomes A Formidable Leader Online

Vehicles are being built better, oil products are being made to last longer, less young people are choosing to own vehicles, and there’s increased competition with car dealerships selling car maintenance services.

How do you take an established 40-year-old brand and use the web to grow its revenue?

Jiffy Lube Ontario represents 60 Jiffy Lube stores across the Ontario. Marketing management at Jiffy Lube Ontario knew that simply having one great website wasn’t the ticket to increased revenue. Nor would focusing solely on search engine optimization (SEO) while ignoring the rest of what the web could bring. Jiffy Lube and tbk Creative knew from the outset that to grow the province’s car counts would take an extremely integrated strategy that harnessed digital marketing with precision and combine it with the company’s in-store marketing and traditional media efforts.

“A seasoned marketing director will be the first to tell you that doing everything at once isn’t the answer.”

Oh the options…

There’s so much to choose from when planning a digital strategy these days, from videos to Facebook, blogging, web design, mobile apps, and more.

A seasoned marketing director will be the first to tell you that doing everything at once isn’t the answer. It sounds good in theory, and can be the easiest route to take, but you’ll quickly run out of resources and money. When you need to show an increase in revenue at the end of the year, there’s a lot of pressure placed on the heads of marketing and their agencies to make the right decisions with the resources the company has.

So we asked, ‘What are we trying to do here?’

Before trying to figure out what needed to be done, we went back to the basics and asked, ‘What are the goals?’ Jiffy Lube and tbk Creative settled on the following:


User Experience – Consumers landing on the website from any device needed to have a seamless, omni-channel experience. They needed to sense quality, professionalism, and find exactly what they were looking for with the least amount of effort possible.


Website Traffic – We knew there would be a correlation between increasing car counts (revenue) and the amount of website traffic Jiffy Lube was getting, so we needed a plan that would crank up the traffic.


Google Search Ranking – A brand like Jiffy Lube gets a lot of its business from their physical store locations. But nowadays, a great location is only table stakes because many competitors have good locations too. We knew we needed to go after the share of consumers that grab their phone and use Google to look for local oil change locations. We knew we needed a good ranking on Google for all of Jiffy Lube’s 60 stores. We knew we needed to combine Jiffy Lube’s great real estate with effective digital positioning.

“But nowadays, a great location is only table stakes because many competitors have good locations too.”


Coupon Downloads – A big way to introduce new customers to Jiffy Lube is through coupons. The brand used to offer these mostly through direct mail and newspapers, but they observed the ROI going down year over year. We knew that if we could re-create this age-old tactic digitally, we could decrease the cost of acquisition.


Car Counts – All told, we knew we needed to see car counts go up. This would be a combination of the four goals above coalescing on time and on budget for the client.

Jiffy Lube

Getting down to business

Once we crystallized the goals, we knew we could get down to business. Choosing the right digital platforms and programs would allow us to achieve our goals and help keep the client’s budget stay tight and in check.

We scratched several tactical ideas that sounded attractive but had too much risk of not contributing to the goals being attained, and turned our focus to digital assets and programs that would have the highest chance of success.

Here’s a sample selection of what we did:


A Mobile Responsive WordPress Website – Through research, we found that many of the competing websites in the industry were built right in the browser or lacked high-fidelity artwork files. To set Jiffy Lube apart, we built a website that contained twenty-six (26) high fidelity artwork files, which was more than any other website in Ontario (and possibly globally) in the car service industry. We strategically produced the website to focus on key goals such as locating stores and accessing coupon deals, and made it mobile and tablet responsive. The entire site was search engine optimized and we gave all 60 stores a custom WordPress portal where store management could login and easily keep their store information and promotions current.

Jiffy Lube Ontario Full Website Preview

Results (year to year comparable):

Website Traffic
– Up over 1400%

Bounce Rate
– Down ~30%


Online Sweepstakes – After advertising the brand and coupons, we needed something more. Like most competitors, promoting the brand and special offers only gets you a seat at the table. We wanted to light up the marketplace and give customers that one extra reason to turn their attention to Jiffy Lube. We came up with two online sweepstakes for the year. Consumers would find out about them through natural website traffic and an integrated digital media plan that would iteratively optimize their spend to maximize leads for budget over time. Consumers would provide their information into a form on the campaign microsite for a chance to win thrilling prizes.

Jiffy Lube Contest

Online Sweepstakes Program Results:

New Leads
– 11,515

Contest Traffic
– Approx. 80,000

Conversion Rate
– 14.4%


Paid Media – Jiffy Lube moved a portion of their offline media budget to online media and we spent this across several online media channels. We used a process of tightly measuring key performance indicators (KPIs), and iteratively optimized the ad campaigns so that Jiffy Lube’s leads increased consistently while the budget remained constant.

Jiffy Marketing Animation
Jiffy Marketing Animation
Jiffy Lube Google Image
Jiffy Lube AD on London Free Press Website
Jiffy Lube Animated Advertisment

Digital Advertising Results:

– Approx. 77 Million

Website Visits
– 85,777


Email Marketing – With over 11,000 new emails generated from the online sweepstakes, it was time to do something with these new leads. We introduced a monthly email campaign that focused on the company’s core values (e.g., helping families through Wheels of Hope) and special offers.


Search Engine Optimization – We implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy that would continually manage their on-site SEO, blog production, citations for all 60 stores, and other industry best practices.

SEO Results (year to year comparable):

Organic Traffic
– Up over 33%


Digital Coupon Module – Within their website, we built a custom digital coupon module that would allow for easy modifications to offers and expiry dates (creating a sense of urgency), and ensure customers could download coupons easily (print or maintain on the mobile device). These were made available across all 60 store pages on the website.

Jiffy Lube Website Coupon Preview


Car Counts
– The highest in several years.

– The highest in several years.

“Our car counts and revenue are up.” Dianne Hinds, Marketing Director,
QLO Managment Inc. (Jiffy Lube Ontario)

Jiffy Lube

The things we learned

  • Amanda Tadgell, tbk Creative

    Each advertising platform that we use for Jiffy Lube reaches consumers at different levels in the purchasing funnel. We optimized the ads and created different versions based on the advertising platform and where we thought the user was in the purchasing funnel. This allowed for our digital campaigns to flourish and achieve high conversion rates for their coupon downloads. When creating digital strategies and ad designs for our clients, I have learned that I need to put myself in the shoes of the consumer at the exact moment they see the ad.

  • Serj Kozlov, tbk Creative

    While creating the new Jiffy Lube online presence we encountered a number challenges that had us grow as an agency. One of the solutions we ended up creating was finding a unique way to display the Jiffy Lube promotional banners in a way that would allow users to learn about the offer details regardless of the device screen size. We came up with a solution and built a custom promotions module that gave us full create freedom and the ability upload multiple banners at the same time. From there, we were able to assign promotions to single stores all the way to all Jiffy Lube stores across Ontario.

  • Andrew Schiestel, tbk Creative

    I think a big part of Jiffy Lube Ontario’s success was cutting programs. For instance, we almost ran an educational YouTube series that would have sucked up a lot of resources and time. It’s easy for a provincial or national brand to try many different things digitally because the web can be somewhat like a wonderland. I really think that we were successful with Jiffy Lube because we developed a coherent, rational plan that was an effective use of the company’s marketing budget.

  • Kylie McConnell, tbk Creative

    One could argue that it’s human nature to accept “the status quo” or to “leave things alone” if they're working. However, in the web design and digital marketing space things rarely stay the same for long. As Account Manager for Jiffy Lube Ontario’s Digital Marketing Services I've learned that to stay ahead of the pack you must never stop looking to reach new milestones and expand the gap even further against competitors. I feel as though we were able to achieve remarkable digital success through constantly challenging ourselves to produce top-notch creative even better than what was previously done.

All of the above was attained on time and $13,080 under budget.

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