In 2014, I produced a series of 13 short educational videos called the CASL Series™ to help marketers and CEOs comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL).

For your quick reference, here’s the list in its entirety:

Ep. 1 – What is a CEM and what mediums do they apply to?

Ep. 2 – What can trigger a CEM?

Ep. 3 – Under what circumstances can I send a CEM?

Ep. 4 – How do I gain express consent?

Ep. 5 – How do I gain implied consent?

Ep. 6 – What are the major exceptions under CASL?

Ep. 7 – What components must be contained in my CEMs?

Ep. 8 – What are the rules with unsubscribe mechanisms?

Ep. 9 – What record keeping should I do?

Ep. 10 – What must be on my website to gain express consent?

Ep. 11 – How does CASL apply to social media?

Ep. 12 – How do the three year transitional provisions work?

Ep. 13 – I received a business card at an event. Can I send a CEM?


Do you want to see CASL lightened for our Canadian businesses? Here’s a video taken at the London Chamber’s Digital Privacy Event where I share a 2015 policy paper the London Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee produced outlining steps our federal government could take to lighten CASL while still protecting consumers.

Do you have any questions about CASL or want to contribute to the legislation getting lightened? Email me at